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Wondering about what to make for kids in evening time??  So, this post is a must read for you…!!

Here I will tell you the recipe of INDIAN TECO- An innovative idea for all the Mommies to make your fussy eaters, happily eat chapati and green veggies …

Recipe of Indian TECO:

For outer layer:

Wheat flour-1cup, all purpose flour-1 cup, turmeric-1 pinch,salt-1/2 ts, coriander powder-1/2 ts, hing powder-1 pinch, fenugreek-1/2 ts, oil -1 ts,water -1 cup.
Inner filling: boiled potatoes-1cup, mustard seeds -1/2 ts, green chilli-1, saunf -1/2 ts, oil-1 ts, salt to taste
Chopped vegetables (capsicum, carrot, cauliflower, onion, tomatoes)


For outer layer :

1. Mix all the ingredients and kneed in to dough. Put some oil in dough and keep it aside for 10 minutes.

2.Now make small chapatis and roast them half on non stick pan .

3.Take oil in a pan and deep fry d half roasted chapatis.

4.Take them out on napkin and using tongs fold them as shown in the picture.

For inner filling:

1.Take oil in pan, add mustard seeds, saunf, salt, turmeric, chilly powder and cubes of boiled potatoes.

2.Fry them well .

Take the chopped vegetables in a bowl. Add some salt, 1/2 ts sugar and 1 ts sugar to it.

Now take the chapati put one spoon potatoes mix in it. Put 1 spoon vegetable mix over it. Garnish with some ketchup, Mayonnaise and spinach dip (optional).

Hope your kids will enjoy this Recipe of Indian TECO.

Do share your experiences in the comment section…!!

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