Want to wean your children off BAD HABITS? Here’s a unique Parenting Approach:

A wealthy man Jayant Rao requested an old scholar to wean his young son Saurabh away from his bad habits. The scholar took the youth Saurabh for a stroll through a garden. Stopping suddenly, he asked Saurabh to pull out a tiny plant, about 2 inches in height, that had just sprouted through the ground. Saurabh held the plant between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it out. The old man then asked him to pull out a slightly bigger 6 inches tall plant. Saurabh pulled hard and the plant came out, cutting little roots and all.

“Now pull out that one,” said the old man pointing to a bush that was about 2 feet tall. The boy had to use all his strength to pull it out. “Now take this one out,” said the old man, indicating a guava tree. Saurabh grasped the trunk and tried to pull it out. But it would not budge.
“I – ummm – It’s impossible,” said Saurabh, panting with the effort. His hair was disheveled, his clothes dirty. “So it is with bad habits,” said the old scholar. “When they are young it is easy to pull them out but when they take hold, uprooting them is very very difficult. When would you like to give up your bad habits.”
The session with the old man changed the boy’s life.

The old smart scholar took an interesting approach to change Saurabh.

There were no lectures.

There were no threats.

There was no ‘painting the future gloomy’ scenario.

When you have to change a bit of your child’s life, what approach do you take? Has it worked for you? Would you like to share it with us? Please share your views in comment section below.

Happy Positive Parenting!

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