It’s tough to be a child in the twenty first century. The world is in a fast forward mode with busy parents, academic pressure, co-curricular activities, competition and of course lots of technology all around! While we ourselves keep yearning for our childhood, we forget that it is a stressful journey for our children. Couple all this with falling standards of nutrition and you know that we need quick remedial measures. This article talks about the benefits of Yoga for Children.

Yoga, which literally means union, is a complete path that helps individuals deal with physical, emotional stress in everyday life. There are many benefits of Yoga for Children. In children, it helps them to counter distractions, temptations and pressure of any sort. It helps them to develop an awareness about their body, builds concentration and a positive self image, they feel innately healthy and are able to find an alternative to electronic devices, they can deal better with challenges in school and feel fit.

Breathing exercises energize and relax as well as stimulate immunity. Yoga not only helps them to improve their digestion and maintain a healthy weight but also strengthens the body. Balancing poses help increase focus and attention naturally. Gradually, the bodies of children become more flexible and they learn to move with ease.

Basically yoga is meditative. Hence it adds calmness and composure to a child’s personality. It enhances all aspects of the personality, body, mind and spirit. Children can do it as a part of games and sports. Since they have no inhibitions they learn fast and tend to inspire adults as well. Though children are seen practicing yoga poses even while playing as toddlers, ideally the age of eight years is considered appropriate for them to formally begin training in yoga.

Parents are often found complaining of ailments such as common cold, digestion problems, fatigue, allergies and even obesity in children. Irritability, temperamental nature and lack of concentration are some more problems that parents deal with on a daily basis. Yoga is the answer to all such problems. The growing years thirteen to nineteen, which are considered the most challenging by parents can certainly be handled better if your child practices yoga.

Children are sure to grow and flourish with the knowledge of yoga. So these are all the benefits of Yoga for Children.

Today, on Yoga day, we can pledge this gift to our coming generations.

It is empowering and if we lead the way, our children are sure to reap the benefits for a lifetime!

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …!

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