Diarrhoea or loose motion is bacterial infections accompanied by cramps, blood in stools, loose bowel movement and even sometimes fever. It is a stomach disorder characterized by frequent and very soft or watery bowel movements. The baby becomes very upset and weak and hence it becomes very complicated for mommies to face this difficult situation. There are medicines to help alleviate loose motions, however, you should only give them to your baby after consulting a paediatrician. Therefore, in this blog, we will understand the causes of diarrhoea in infants, its effect along with its symptoms and most importantly we will discuss the effective diarrhea treatment for baby (for babies above the age of 6 months).

What is Diarrhea?

Diarrhea or loose motion in babies is the condition when a baby passes its stools frequently being watery in nature and more than three times in a day. If a baby is passing stools like fine paste, normal in color and even frequently then it is not a sign of diarrhea.

Usually, it is cured by itself within 2-3 days without any medical help, but if it does not cure by a maximum of four days then it is good to consult a paediatrician (or child specialist) immediately. There are many diarrhea medicine for babies. So, let’s have a look.

Causes of Baby Diarrhoea:

The causes of baby diarrhea can be the following:

  • Infection: An infection with a virus, bacteria or even with parasites. Babies are very much prone to the infections as they pick up the germs through their toys or either through the contact of the surface. So therefore, they get infected quickly due to the virus and bacteria.
  • Food Allergy: A food allergy can also be a cause of a baby watery stool. A food allergy happens when a baby consumes any unhygienic food. For example, Cerelac or any formula milk is always advised to be given immediately after the formation, but if we overlook this instruction and give this supplement after the long duration of its formation time, then our baby can get ill or allergic. When new solid foods are introduced to a baby if it doesn’t suit him, then also food allergy may develop. This can further cause baby diarrhea.
  • Drinking too much fruit juice: There is a very famous saying that an excess of anything is harmful too. So it goes with the consumption of fruit juices too. Most of mommies prefer to give their babies many fruit juices to drink within a short interval of time. This causes discomfort in the baby’s tummy and results in loose bowel movement. So prefer giving whole fruit instead of fruit juice. Also, feeding infants a lot of unnatural sugary drinks might irritate their stomachs and triggers baby watery stool.
  • Teething: The teething phase is quite painful for babies. They get fussier because of the soreness and swelling of the gums. During this phase, gums produce more saliva which gets into their guts, causing loose bowel movements.
  • Weather Change:  A small change in weather for babies can result in loose motion in babies too. If the baby is habitual of living in hot weather then an even a minor drop in temperature can give him a frequent bowel movement and it goes for the same for those who are living in cold regions. This happens because when the weather gets changed for the babies, it takes a bit of time to get accustomed to the new weather and new foods.
  • Change in Mother’s Diet: A change in your diet can make your breastfed infant experience diarrhoea. For instance, if you eat a lot of spicy food or sweet desserts one night, your breast milk may vary. This can cause diarrhoea in your infant by causing the milk to flow through their system too quickly.
  • Medicines:Occasionally, if your child is sick, they may require medication. Some medicines may induce diarrhoea and bowel disturbances in your infant. Among these are medicines to treat infections as well as antibiotics for bacterial infections. Even common baby painkillers and over-the-counter fever reducers may cause allergic reactions in certain infants causing watery poop.

Causes of Acute Diarrhea

  • Virus, like Rotavirus: It is the most frequent cause is a viral infection of the intestines.
  • Bacteria, like Salmonella: It’s a less frequent cause. Blood stains can be frequently found in diarrhea.
  • Giardia (parasite): Breakouts in childcare facilities are more common.
  • Antibiotic Diarrhea: There is no allergic response to this. Give the antibiotic again.
  • A few, like Shigella colitis, can result in a severe bowel infection. A significant problem that can develop after taking powerful antibiotics is C. difficile.

Causes of Repeated Diarrhea

  • Allergy from Cow’s Milk: It can result in babies having loose, watery poop. This begins within the first two months of life. You need to avoid the formulas of cow’s milk.
  • Lactose Intolerance: Many people are lactose intolerant. Lactose is converted to gas by intestinal microorganisms. It generally begins at age 4 or 5. Its primary symptoms are loose stools, gas, and stomach bloating.

Effects of Diarrhea:

Diarrhea if overlooked, they can lead to several complications in babies and sometimes for an adult too. Diarrhea causes the body to lose an excessive amount of water and minerals, also known as electrolytes. This causes dehydration. Babies and toddlers can get dehydrated very rapidly –  with the onset of diarrhoea – and this can be quite severe, especially in neonates. It can give the major issues like:

  • Dehydration: Dehydration is nothing but the loss of excess water from our body. As during diarrhea, frequent bowel movement takes up the water from our body in excess quantity, which leads to dehydration.
  • Diaper Rash: Babies develop diaper rash from frequent pooping and wiping. Diaper rashes can get sore and itchiness to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Symptoms of Diarrhea:

 The symptoms associated with diarrhea include:

  1. Abdominal Cramps.
  2. Abdominal pains.
  3. The urgency to go to the toilet.
  4. Frequent passing of loose and watery poop.
  5. Nausea.
  6. Vomiting.

Scale of Diarrhea

  • Mild: 3-5 liquid stools per day.
  • Moderate: 6-9 liquid stools per day.
  • Severe: 10 or more liquid stools per day.

Now we will discuss Home Remedies for infant diarrhea treatment.

Please remember that babies below the age of 6 months should not be given anything apart from ‘Mother’s Milk’ in case of diarrhea too. Mother’s milk is the best and most healthy nutrition for the baby. Most importantly, it is a guideline from the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

Effective home remedies for Watery Poop in Babies (for the babies above the age of 6 months):

You do not like seeing your baby under so much stress and probably are wondering how to stop diarrhea in babies fast and below we have listed a few for you. Here are some effective remedies for baby diarrhea that you can follow in this situation. They are at-home treatments with natural remedies that you can use to avoid any major side effects since babies in this stage are very sensitive.

At-home treatments:

  1. Maintain your baby’s hydration. If you are breastfeeding, continue to do so.
  2. Consult your paediatrician about electrolyte drinks for newborns.
  3. Change your baby’s soiled diaper on a regular basis.
  4. Feed your child portions of meals that may help calm diarrhoea if they are consuming solid meals.

1. ORS Jodi (Oral Re-hydration Salts and Zinc):

This is the most effective and successful remedy for infant diarrhea treatment. ORS is made up of electrolytes and sugar which is very much beneficial for the treatment of diarrhea. This remedy has been suggested by the doctors and even the health department of the Government of India. Zinc can be consumed in the form of syrup and should be taken for 14 days even after diarrhea has been cured.

ORS sachets are easily available in the medical stores. One sachet of ORS has to mix up well in 1 litre of water and should be consumed within 24 hours. As well as .3+Zinc syrup has to be taken as per the dosage prescribed by the doctor.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

2. Banana:

Banana helps to restore the potassium levels and it helps the body to absorb the essential nutrients and energy which is majorly lost during diarrhea. Bananas are a low residue food item that aids in taking care of the dehydration that takes place during diarrhea. The pectin soaks up the excess of liquids in the intestine which makes the stool firm and reduces diarrhea. Bananas are a low residue food item that aids in taking care of the dehydration that takes place during diarrhea. The pectin soaks up the excess of liquids in the intestine which makes the stool firm and reduces diarrhea. 

You can give mashed banana to your baby once a day, preferably in the morning. This is one of the most trusted and effective home remedies to stop loose bowel movements in babies.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

3. Pomegranate Juice:

Pomegranate is rich in antioxidants and has got fiber components too. Pomegranate is regarded as a ‘Nature’s Power Fruit’. Its medicinal properties have been used since ancient times. 

  • Give pomegranate juice at a regular interval of time, this will help the baby to stay hydrated and active.
  •  If you feel that pomegranate juice will be a bit heavy to digest for your baby then dilute it with a little amount of water and serve it to your little one.

Personally, I use this remedy for my kids and it proves to be one of the effective diarrhea treatment for baby.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

4. Curd:

Curd is a major source of probiotics. Probiotics are the live bacteria and yeasts that are good for health and especially for the digestive system. Therefore, curd helps to improve digestion, and it helps in boosting immunity. 

Curd can be given to your baby in two ways:

  • Either by adding some roasted cumin powder (jeera powder) and a pinch of salt to it, or
  • By adding ½ teaspoon sugar to it 

This remedy is often termed as ‘Dadimaa ka nuskha’- as one of the home remedies to stop watery poop in babies.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

5. Chawal ka Paani (Rice Water):

Rice water is a boon to the stomach when there is a situation existing called diarrhea. Rice water gives energy and is easy to digest when the stomach is upset. 

It can be given once during the daytime as frequent consumption of rice water can lead to cough and cold as rice is cold in nature.

  • Take ½ cup of uncooked rice and rinse it properly to remove impurities and dirt.
  • Now soak the rice in water for 20-30 minutes.
  • After soaking it, drain out the water and bring this rice to boil in 2 cups of water.
  • Boil it till 20 minutes.
  • Turn off the gas and let it be cool. Once it gets lukewarm then add a pinch of salt in it and give it to your baby.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

6. Coconut Water:

Coconut water is very effective in treating baby watery stool. Diarrhea leads to the loss of several vital nutrients of our body such as sodium, potassium and many other minerals too. So, this coconut water helps in restoring these important nutrients and it is a good source of energy as it prevents dehydration too.

  • Give ½ glass of coconut water to your baby to drink.
  • It should be given once in a day preferably in the morning as giving this to your baby in the evening or at night might cause him cough and cold.
  • You can increase the quantity of coconut water depending upon the age of your kid.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

7. Applesauce/ Stewed Apple:

Applesauce or stewed apple is an effective and most commonly advised home remedy to stop baby diarrhea. An apple is regarded as a miracle food and we all know about the famous proverb ‘All apple a day, keeps the doctor away’’. Apples are extremely rich in important antioxidants, flavonoids, and dietary fiber which are very good for a healthy body.

For the preparation of Applesauce / stewed apple:

  • We need 1 peeled apple and sliced it into fine pieces. Wash them off.
  • Now in a bowl, take fresh water, put this sliced apple into it and keep it in low heat flame.
  • Boil them till they become soft so that they can be completely mashed.
  • Once done, let it be cool. Now, serve it to your baby.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

8. Toast:

Toast provides carbohydrates and fiber, which are good to maintain a healthy digestive system.  It also maintains the blood sugar level which leads to the feeling of satiety.

Toast can be given to the baby at any time of the day but it is good to have during breakfast or as an evening snack. Generally, we do not give toast to the babies who do not have teeth but those who have molars, they can have toast as a home remedy to stop baby diarrhea.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

9. Arrowroot Powder:

Arrowroot powder is a white and flavorless powder which is generally used as corn flour for diarrhea. It is used to thicken sauces, soups, and curry. Arrowroot is nothing but the starch which comes from the tuberous roots of Tapioca plant. It contains properties which are stomach-soothing and is also allergen-free. Hence, Arrowroot powder for loose motion is regarded as one of the effective infant diarrhea treatment and you can use it in a very easy form to give to your babies.

We can give arrowroot in the form of porridge. The method of cooking is mentioned below:


  • Arrowroot powder – 1 cup
  • Jaggery liquid – 3/4th cup
  • Milk – 2 cups.


  • Mix arrowroot powder in milk and jaggery liquid.
  • Mix it well and cook it on the medium flame till the mixture gets thicken and develops in a required consistency.
  • Let it be cool till it gets lukewarm. Now you can serve it to your baby

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

10. Buttermilk:

One very commonly given baby loose motion home remedies is buttermilk. Buttermilk is low in fat and rich in Vitamin B12, Calcium and Potassium. Since milk is prohibited during diarrhea; hence buttermilk is a good alternative for the same as it is lighter than milk and easy to digest. It contains a lot of good bacteria that can soothe any discomfort. Even doctors prescribe buttermilk during baby diarrhea. It is again one of the effective home remedies to stop watery poop in babies.

As buttermilk is a byproduct of extraction of cream from butter, hence it may cause throat infections or cold. So it is always advisable to drink buttermilk during the daytime. If the baby is allergic to cow’s milk, then please avoid giving buttermilk, as it contains the same constituents like milk.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

11. Boiled Potato:

Boiled potato is a form of starch food which is easy to digest when the stomach is upset. It works like a wonder and it is one of the easiest home remedies to stop baby watery stool.

Boiled potato can be given in mashed form with an addition of salt (to taste) and a pinch of black pepper to make it tastier. It can be given once in a day, preferably at lunch.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

12. Onion Juice:

This is generally not a very common one of the home remedies to stop baby diarrhea, but it really works. One spoon of onion juice extracted from fresh onions can be very effective for treating diarrhea.

It can be given twice in a day. It may give a pungent smell out of the baby’s mouth but that too will go away if we give cardamom seeds to eat.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

13. Carrot Juice:

Carrot is good for baby loose stools. It is a high-fiber vegetable hence it helps in binding water in your gut. Fibre also helps in firming up baby watery stools by adding extra bulk and mass.

Carrot juice can be given to the baby during the breakfast time so as to make breakfast a healthier one even in diarrhea. Carrot juice is again one of the best effective diarrhea treatment for baby.

Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies

14. Breast Milk:

Mother’s milk or breast milk is the best solution to every problem of a baby. It is much more nutritious and healthy for a baby’s growth and development. So, please do not stop breastfeeding your baby when he/she is suffering from diarrhoea as it makes a great home remedy for infant diarrhea treatment.

15. Ginger:

Ginger is great for the digestive system and can be an effective treatment for baby diarrhea, mix a teaspoon of ginger, cinnamon powder,  some cumin powder and honey and give it to your baby three times a day.

16. Red lentil soup:

High energy levels are needed in babies, as baby refuses any food while he is having diarrhoea red lentil soup can be a great option as it is filled with energy and protein helping in repair and maintenance of tissues and for the overall growth of a child

17. Starch rich products:

Starch rich foods like potatoes are rich in starch which helps in recovering from diarrhoea quickly, roasted cumin can also be added to mashed potatoes(made by boiling potatoes and mashing them for making it easy for the baby to eat)  avoid any gas problem

18. Lemon:

Lemon is commonly found in our households but did you know that they make a great source of curing loose motions or is a great source of home remedy for loose motion in babies as they contain anti-bacterial or anti-inflammatory properties making it a great remedy. Lemon juice 3-5 times a day can relieve watery poop or any other problems related to stomach.

19. Mint:

Mint which is also known as pudina helps in a great way in regulating digestion due to which it is recommended highly for diarrhoea in babies and for adults as well. Mint has antibacterial properties that help digestion by improving the flow for digestive juices. Just a bunch of mint leaves can give you a mint juice( spoonful). Honey and lemon juice upto a teaspoon can be added in it to make it an even more effective home remedy for loose motions in infants, children or adults

20. Puffed Rice:

Unpolished white rice has a lot of starch content in it that is easy to digest for the baby. This remedy is widely used in India and is very good for newborn babies as it is very quick and effective. 

  • Soak puffed rice in one glass of water for 10-15 minutes.
  • Strain extra water and give it to your baby two times a day. 

21. Sugar and Salt solution: 

Because of dehydration, the baby tends to lose out on salt and sugar content in their body and to help recover from this, making one at home is very effective. Boil water and have a teaspoon of salt and 8 teaspoons of sugar and mix well. Ensure they dissolve well into the water before you give it to your child.

22. Sago Water

Babies with loose motion respond very well to sabudana or sago water! Boil the sabudana in a boiler until it is thoroughly submerged. To relieve his discomfort and assist in maintaining his body fluids, strain the water and give it to your child. It’s the best infant diarrhea treatment.

23. Nutmeg

Infants who experience frequent episodes of loose bowel movements can be cured with this potent home treatment. Nutmeg is also known as Jaiphal. You can feed your toddler a paste that you produce by combining nutmeg powder and water.

24. Keep Your Child Hydrated

Your top priority, if the child is having loose bowel movements, should be to keep him or her hydrated. One of the main causes of diarrhea in infants is dehydration, which might worsen your child’s condition.

25. Mustard Water:

Mustard water is very effective in curing diarrhoea. Mustard’s anti-inflammatory qualities can help calm the stomach and combat infections to alleviate symptoms. 

At home also you can stop diarrhoea home remedies for it are:

  1. Talking about the home remedies for diarrhoea, firstly you can sip electral powder with water or can make drinks of salt, sugar and lemon and can drink it throughout the day. Light soups, buttermilk, coconut water can also be taken.
  2. Avoid intake of fibrous fruits and other products. Don’t prefer canned food or tetra pack juice. These can worsen your condition.
  3. You can take strong coffee, this helps in making your condition easy.
  4. Have a cup of yogurt tempered with cumin seed powder and roasted fenugreek powder in order to cure diarrhea.
  5. Don’t have any dairy products like milk, paneer, cheese when you are suffering from diarrhoea. You can only have yogurt as it has healthy bacteria that helps in improving your health.

Foods to eat during diarrhea 

Home remedies for  loose motion in babies are many and also very effective but you must also make sure that you avoid giving your baby certain foods that can worsen the symptoms. This is to ensure smoother and faster recovery because just as stressed you are, they are too. You must avoid fried and greasy foods that are harmful for your health. Also have limited high-fiber foods like fruits and green veggies that can cause bloating. Foods you have to avoid during diarrhea include alcohol, beans and berries, cabbage, cauliflower, coffee, corn, green leafy vegetables, and milk.

Foods to avoid during diarrhea

Home remedies for loose motion in kids are many and also very effective but you must also make sure that you avoid giving your baby certain foods that can worsen the symptoms. This is to ensure smoother and faster recovery because just as stressed you are, they are too. You must avoid fried and greasy foods that are harmful for your health. If milk and other dairy products are aggravating diarrhoea or causing gas and bloating, have your child limit or stop consuming them. Also have limited high-fiber foods like fruits and green veggies that can cause bloating. 

Caffeine and carbonated beverages should also be avoided by your youngster during this time. If you want to know that how to stop baby watery stool fast, Allow them to take their time resuming their regular eating routines is important. For some kids, resuming their regular diet can also cause their diarrhoea to come back. This is frequently caused by minor issues with the gut’s ability to absorb common foods.

So these were the best effective Home Remedies to stop Diarrhea in Babies.

Tips for Preventing diarrhea in Babies

Below we will be discussing the tips to prevent diarrhea in babies.

  • Hand Hygiene

Hand tidiness is pivotal in staying away from diarrhea in babies since their developing resistant frameworks make them more inclined to contamination. Successive and intensive hand washing with water and cleanser is fundamental, especially before contacting the baby, getting ready for dinner, or changing diapers. Guardians ought to be prepared with great handwashing strategies, stressing the need to clean all regions of the hands, especially fingers, nails, and wrists. In situations when cleanser and water are not effectively accessible, hand sanitizers produced using liquor with at least 60% liquor fixation can be a successful substitute.

  • Proper Food Handling and Preparation

Appropriate readiness and treatment of food are basic in keeping away from looseness of the bowels in babies, who are more helpless to sicknesses because of their delicateness. Guardians and parents should pressure kitchen tidiness by appropriately cleaning up when taking care of food or coming into contact with potential toxins. Clean utensils, sheets for cutting, and surfaces consistently to forestall cross-defilement. Recipe and baby food ought to be made under sterile conditions, with all apparatuses and holders cleaned and disinfected.

  • Immunizations

Vaccinations can diminish the runs in babies by safeguarding them from bacterial contaminations that could create gastrointestinal issues. Rotavirus immunizations, for instance, are especially evolved to treat one of the most well-known reasons for extreme looseness of the bowels in babies. Parents and caregivers may dramatically lower the risk of their kids catching avoidable illnesses by ensuring that they receive timely and full vaccinations on the prescribed schedule.

  • Breastfeeding Benefits

Breastfeeding is an effective and preventative approach against diarrhea in newborns, providing a variety of advantages that help to their general health and resilience. Breast milk is an organic source of important nutrients, antigens, and enzymes that boost the baby’s immune system, offering a strong defense against illnesses that might cause diarrhea. Breast milk’s antigens selectively target and battle infections, providing exceptional protection.

  • Hydration Practices

Maintaining good hydration habits is critical in avoiding diarrhea in newborns since infants are more prone to depletion after diarrheal bouts. Caregivers should keep newborns well hydrated by giving them tiny, regular sips of a solution for oral rehydration (ORS) or milk from the breast. Especially if they are still breastfeeding. ORS is particularly developed to restore lost electrolytes and fluids, hence preventing dehydration.

Prevention to be taken in Diarrhea:

There are many important things that we need to know about diarrhea and more importantly the prevention that need to be taken care of during diarrhea.

  • Stop milk and milk products for the time being till diarrhea gets completely cured and treated. On the other hand, Yogurt/Curd can be given to the babies as it contains probiotics which are good for treating baby diarrhea.
  • Avoid giving spicy food to your baby in any situation. Mild spices can be introduced for the first time to the babies after the completion of 8 months of age. But when your baby is suffering from diarrhea, stop giving mild spices too.
  • Maintain hygiene and cleanliness especially in the diaper area. As infections are the most common causes of diarrhea in infants, hygiene has to be maintained and properly followed. Daily clean the baby’s toys as they are also a source of germs and infections.
  • Consult the pediatrician if you feel that diarrhea is occurring due to some medication.
  • BRAT strategy – this stands for “bananas, rice, apples, toast.” Because of how bland they are, these foods won’t upset your stomach. They help firm up stools because they are binding as well. Cooked cereals like Cream of Wheat or Farina, soda crackers, applesauce, and apple juice are some other items that are permitted in the BRAT diet.
  • Additionally, you must consume a lot of drinks to maintain your hydration and replenish the fluids you are losing. Suck on ice chips and drink a lot of water. You could try the following additional liquids:
  •  Clear broths, such as beef or chicken broth, without any grease removed
  • Coconut water or water that has been fortified with electrolytes or vitamins (try to avoid ones high in sugar)
  • Alternatives such as Pedialyte 
  • Weak tea without caffeine.
  • Even though many cases of diarrhoea can be managed at home with home remedies for watery poop, over-the-counter medications, rest, and a temporarily restricted diet, if it persists for a significant amount of time, you should take your child to see a doctor. If your child’s diarrhoea persists for more than two days without getting better or becomes dehydrated, call your doctor. You might need to visit the emergency room to receive immediate care if your child becomes dehydrated or experience other symptoms.

Lastly, each baby differs from one another, so the causes may also vary. If these baby home remedies for diarrhea don’t work then you should must talk to the healthcare professional before giving any medication. If you feel that despite the application of home remedies the situation is not yet solved, then consult the pediatrician immediately for expert advice and guidance.

Take Care!

FAQs for Diarrhea in Babies

1. How can I stop loose motion in my baby?

It’s difficult to see babies going through any issues in the body as they are so small and it is just difficult for them to go through any problems in health. It is also not written to always give the babies high dosage medicines there are some remedies which could be done to stop your baby’s loose motion: the instant effect that has been seen and works amazing is banana, give them a mashed banana it also gives energy to the babies body instantly as it balances the potassium levels of the body. You can also give them ORS to keep in check of their hydration levels and it also works like magic for a baby who is going through the loose motion. 

2. What natural treatment may I use for my baby’s diarrhea?

Home remedies for diarrhea in toddlers work magic as they can’t always be given medicines. One of the best home remedies for diarrhea in toddlers is arrowroot powder for loose motion and also corn flour for diarrhea works great. Apart from these two, there are some remedies which have no side effects and are the best home remedies for diarrhea in toddlers. Salt, sugar and lemon drinks, buttermilk, coconut water, and light soups also help to recover from baby diarrhea.

3. What is the reason for the baby’s loose motion?

There can be numerous reasons for a baby to have diarrhea and since they get infected easily it is important to prevent them. The reason for the baby watery stool could be many which include: Infection by any sort of fungi or bacteria, Food allergy, Drinking fruit juice, weather change and also teething. These are common reasons behind a baby’s watery poop.

4. Can we offer milk to the infant if they are having loose motions? 

No milk infant is not advised for infants who are having loose motions as it makes the diarrhea worse. On the other hand, curd could be given to the baby who is having loose motions as it helps to recover the child from loose motion. 

5. What are some common causes of diarrhea in babies?

diarrhea in newborns has a variety of frequent causes. Infections, whether viral, bacterial, or parasitic, are common causes of gastrointestinal discomfort, with infections such as adenovirus and germs such as Salmonella or Escherichia coli (E. coli) being particularly problematic. Having food allergies or sensitivities, particularly when introducing new foods, can cause diarrhea.

6. Is breastfeeding safe during diarrhea in babies?

Breastfeeding is widely seen as harmless and even advantageous during bouts of diarrhea in newborns. Breast milk contains important nutrients, antigens, and immune-boosting substances that help in recuperation. Breast milk provides fluids that can reduce dehydration, which is important during diarrhea.

7. Are probiotics safe for treating diarrhea in babies?

Probiotics have shown promise in treating infant diarrhea and are generally deemed safe when taken under the supervision of a medical expert. Probiotics are helpful bacteria that can help balance intestinal microbiota, potentially lowering the intensity and length of diarrhea. 

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