importance of Parents in our life

Importance of Parents in our Life

When a child is born, parents are the ones who assure unconditional love to them. The upbringing of children is entirely depended on the parent’s love and care. Whether it is mental or physical growth, emotional or social development, career or financial...

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Games to play on beach

Five Games to Play on the Beach

Whether you’re going on holiday and want some ideas to entertain the children, or it’s starting to get warm and the kids are itching to get down to your local seaside resort, it’s always a good idea to have some games in your head before hitting the beach. Playing on...

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Positive and healthy lifestyles

How You and Your Kids Can Learn to Thrive

The family life balancing act is a struggle so many have to learn to cope with. Are the kids receiving all their essential nutrients? Does the family make time to communicate with each other? Is everyone participating in physical activity? There is so much to consider...

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45 Best Unique Fancy Dress Ideas for Kids

It is full of excitement and joy when it is a time to dress up your kid for fancy dress competition or fancy-dress day at his or her school. Nowadays many preschools also organize fancy dress competition for nursery kids. These fancy-dress competitions not only make a...

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things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

6 things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

When it comes to parenting, Moms are considered as a natural parent by default, may it be in any TV commercial or it is a Parent Teacher Meet. You know why? She is the one who cares, cures, feeds even when a child still has not taken a birth. This is the strong reason...

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weaning child bad habits

Weaning Child bad habits

Want to wean your children off BAD HABITS? Here’s a unique Parenting Approach: A wealthy man Jayant Rao requested an old scholar to wean his young son Saurabh away from his bad habits. The scholar took the youth Saurabh for a stroll through a garden. Stopping...

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