Medical School Path

Crafting A Medical School Path: Tips For Parents

As a parent, few things are more rewarding than watching your child grow up to pursue their dreams. If your son or daughter aspires to attend medical school and become a doctor, you likely want to support them every step of the way.  However, the path to medical...

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Axis Bank Splash 2023-24

Unleash Your Creativity: Axis Bank Splash 2023-24

Welcome back to the vibrant canvas of Axis Bank Splash 2023-24! It is time to let your imagination run wild and showcase your drawing, craft, and literature talents. This year promises to celebrate creativity, and we invite you to be a part of the magic. Participate...

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How Newspapers Benefit Children's Development

How Newspapers Benefit Children’s Development

Newspapers benefit children’s development by fostering curiosity, improving literacy, and enhancing critical thinking. They offer diverse content, from news to stories, broadening knowledge and vocabulary. Pictures engage visual learning, while discussions about...

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Preparing for Success in IB Exams

Preparing Yourself for Success in Your IB Exams

If you’re in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme, you already know it’s a ticket to academic prestige. Universities around the world look favourably at IB graduates because the program is known for producing well-rounded thinkers ready...

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How Expert Assistance Benefits Students in Paper Writing

Help With Paper: Expert Assistance for Your Needs

The academic journey is fraught with numerous challenges, among which is paper writing. This task, seemingly simple yet profoundly complex, necessitates a blend of creativity, comprehension, and writing prowess. For many students, this requirement becomes an...

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Luma world

Nurturing Young Minds At Luma World

My biggest challenge as a parent was not being able to keep my child happy and engaged with activities. The games he liked were not age-appropriate and often had tones of violence and aggression. While the ones I suggested, my kid found dull. Hence those games don’t...

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Strategies for Teaching STEM to Kids

How To Teach STEM to Kids: 7 Effective Strategies

Picture a classroom filled with enthusiasm, where children explore the enigmas of the cosmos, construct sky-reaching bridges, and create their own virtual realms through coding. Welcome to the world of STEM education, where science, technology, engineering, and...

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