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how to deal with bad habits in children

How to Deal with Bad Habits in Children

Who doesn’t want to raise absolutely well-mannered and sweet children? In the ideal world, your children will have only good habits, speak softly and politely and respect everyone around them – be it humans or animals. While that is a great expectation, the reality...

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Games to play on beach

Five Games to Play on the Beach

Whether you’re going on holiday and want some ideas to entertain the children, or it’s starting to get warm and the kids are itching to get down to your local seaside resort, it’s always a good idea to have some games in your head before hitting the beach. Playing on...

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Positive and healthy lifestyles

How You and Your Kids Can Learn to Thrive

The family life balancing act is a struggle so many have to learn to cope with. Are the kids receiving all their essential nutrients? Does the family make time to communicate with each other? Is everyone participating in physical activity? There is so much to consider...

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Nani House


Nani House- Yaadein yaad aati hain Baatein bhul jati hain…….. The word “Nani house” fills me with thrill, lot of joy and takes me to that wonderful world filled with happiness. Well, not only joy with no worry of anything. The place where we...

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weaning child bad habits

Weaning Child bad habits

Want to wean your children off BAD HABITS? Here’s a unique Parenting Approach: A wealthy man Jayant Rao requested an old scholar to wean his young son Saurabh away from his bad habits. The scholar took the youth Saurabh for a stroll through a garden. Stopping...

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exam stress

A heartfelt appeal to all Parents

DEAR PARENTS GIVE THEM SUNSHINE, GIVE THEM SOME RAIN GIVE THEM ANOTHER CHANCE, SO THEY DON’T GROW INSANE Again that time of the year has come, the dreaded month of March. The month hated equally by students. Parents and teachers alike. It is that time of the year when...

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child’s homework

Why You should not do your Child’s Homework

Last week at a gathering over tea, we ladies (around 10) were gossiping on various subjects. The mood was light and the mint tea refreshing. But slowly the conversation started to heat up and I saw ladies all trying to speak at once. And what was the debate on?...

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