Ask anyone and they will lecture you how things get easier, smoother and faster the second time around. While this may hold true for many things like job interviews, exams, dating, doing DIYs, submitting guests posts and others, this certainly does not hold any ground for pregnancy. Does carrying a baby get easier with second time? Hell! No! Forget the gentlewoman who said so, I tell you 7 Reasons Your second pregnancy Is Harder Than the First:

  1. It feels worse than the first time because you begin to expect things

First pregnancy is, well, special only because you do not know what the heck it brings along. Initial baby movements are mistaken as mild cramps and half of the times you fail to notice the first kick. But second time around, you anxiously wait for the movement and the kick. So much so, that any gastric indigestion also hints at the baby crawling inside and this only leads to confusion and nothing else.

  1. You hate anyone who gives you advice

During the first pregnancy you actually do listen to the wise women around simply because you are inexperienced while they are experienced. But this time, anyone who tries to give you a simple piece of advice deserves the don’t-mess-with-me look.

  1. You simply can’t get to gain sympathy (even for things you deserve)

The moment you ask a silly question to your gynecologist, she looks at you with those tiny eyes behind the thick rimmed glasses and a sly smile and says, ‘don’t worry. This isn’t your first time.’

My otherwise very concerned and helpful doctor refuses to acknowledge the physiological troubles I experience at times. She simply brushes them off saying, ‘don’t be so scared. It isn’t your first time.’

  1. Your elder one will make it harder

Not just with the silly, repetitive questions but also with stupid demands like – ‘bring the baby right away.’ And not just this, many a times she will get adamant that only mama will lift her and that she will sleep only on mama’s left side. Plus, by the end of last trimester she will start remarking, ‘so what if you have a baby in your tummy. You can at least do this much of household chore!’ God bless these smart kids!

  1. Your best friend Google ditches you too!

Google becomes your best friend in first pregnancy but this time you get ditched by it too. Not only the Google algorithm has changed massively in the last few years and finding the exact answer has become more cumbersome, there is an enormous information overload and getting any answers from Google seem like diving into an ocean of contradicting answers. Plus, deep inside you know that Google says what you want it to say so you close the browser sooner than expected.

  1. You will be less pampered

Most of your time and energy will be devoted to your first one and hence there is hardly any time left to pamper the would-be-mother in you. This will make you angrier and crankier but sorry sweetheart, it doesn’t get better.

  1. You may double-up in size

Okay this is applicable to only obese women like me. In the last six years I wasn’t able to shed my post (first) pregnancy weight gain and thus when it was time to conceive, I conceived at a higher scale. So this time I am almost double of what I was in my first pregnancy. Not only this makes me feel sick about my ever-enlarging body, my BP shoots up each time I think of losing all this weight after the delivery.

The only respite second time around is that you feel more attached to your first one because you know that after a few days it won’t be just the two of you. You know that her fair share of love will be brutally and honestly divided. You know that after the arrival of the second one, the first one will suddenly be the elder one.

So, these are 7 Reasons Your second pregnancy Is Harder Than the First.

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