Recently we have seen an increase in the number of C –section cases. I can’t tell the extract reason why C-section is getting common and popular, however, there are many reasons why there is a rise in C-section births. First and the most common is “fear of normal delivery”. Most of the women have this expression that normal delivery is more painful and more ex-cursing to handle. So this fear takes them to willingly opt for C-section. Second, the most common reason is doctors’ intentionally recommending C-section to the expecting mother.

This is a bitter reality that the doctors who are assumed as life giver, give people wrong heads-up and eventually forward them to C-section birth. Of course, this way they make more money. But, this also involves the risk of two lives, the mother, and the baby. On the other side, C-section is a boon for women who carry a high-risk pregnancy. This can reduce the complications that may come during the normal birth procedure. So, we can’t curse C-section for some good reasons as well.

Talking about Normal Pregnancy:

It is most common procedure of birth that exists since ages. The body of a woman is so made to carry the pregnancy and to deliver the baby through the safest passes. This delivery is a natural process that every woman is capable of to bring a child into this world.

Barring a few medical conditions, almost every pregnant woman can have natural, normal child-birthing experiences. With little or no medications, a natural birth process is proven to be beneficial for both, the mother and the newborn. It also makes it easier for the mother to breastfeed the baby. Although there is no fixed formula to ensure that one can have a normal delivery, there are certain steps that when taken during a pregnancy, increase the chances of having a natural, normal childbirth. So here are few tips for normal delivery:

  1. Exercise regularly:

    Doing mild exercises during pregnancy can help you build not only good stamina but also keeps you active during this span. Exercise improves the strength of pelvic muscles that help you during labor.

  2. Refrain from hearing horror stories:

    Avoid hearing negative stories of others. Stay away from negative experiences and don’t watch the process on YouTube. Every woman goes through a different experience of labor so stay positive and stay cool.

  3. Keep check your diet:

    Eat healthy and properly. Food is essential for making your strong and for betterment your body. And a healthy and well-nourished mother is capable of facing the challenges of labor easily and more comfortably. Heavyweight gain is not assumed favorable for a normal delivery.

  4. Get prenatal information:

    There are many books available that can guide you preparing yourself for a normal delivery. Many online classes are providing mothers the necessary information about the birthing process without scaring them. So, educate yourself.

  5. Consult a good doctor:

    Go to a good and trusted doctor and get your checkups regularly. Seek out someone who is into natural birth; avoid those whose C-section or epidural cases are higher. Remember a good doctor can play a big role in helping you get rid of all your delivery fears.

  6. Spend heavy pregnancy time with family members:

    After your 8th-month starts, if possible, go to your extended family. Elderly ladies, who already have experience of more than one normal delivery, can help and guide you through this.

  7. Believe in yourself:

    The most important thing is having faith in yourself. If all other women on this earth can do this, why can’t you? The process is for sure complex and painful but pregnancy is a beautiful journey of pains and gains. So, make yourself ready.

Do not worry about the pains associated with normal delivery. Your doctor and one of your family members will be with your most of the time during the labor process. They’ll keep motivating you and helping you to use right breathing technique. It’s important to know the right breathing technique and doctor can help you here. Think about your good days and good memories. They give you a surge of happy hormones and strength to bear the pain. Think about your child and feel strong.  After this phase, you’ll have your little bundle of joy in your hands.  That would be the happiest moment of your life! So these are few tips for normal delivery.

(These tips are based on my normal delivery experiences. Howbeit, the doctor’s advice is the most  trusted help so keep in touch with your doctor about normal delivery tips that suit your body type the most.)

Happy Parenting with  Budding Star

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