Congratulation if your baby has arrived!!!!

The arrival of newly born nothing less than a bundle of joy for the entire family. New born parents share the mixed feeling of happiness and anxiety. The moment of joy comes with loads of responsibility. Once your baby is born, as a mother you will get pool of advices and unsolicited suggestions. Right care of New born is very much essential during the initial days. Trust me most of the old wives tales is not recommended for new born they even often harmful to newborns. It is always advisable to consult Doctor’s for any such things. Infant should always place along with mothers rather than in separate cot since it develops mother and baby bond also assures protection & care of new born. New born cares is not a sole responsibility of mothers, but indeed share the responsibility of both the parents. The journey of parenthood become more blissful when new dad also assists moms with baby care ranging from diaper change, cuddling, help in feeding and changing of clothes. The more the involvement of parents more would be bonding with baby. Also, the study has revealed that father involvement is essential for emotional and intellectual growth of children. Here are 5 Important New Born Essentials Care.

  1. Skin Care

    Infant skin is very delicate and have lesser layering than adult skin. Bathing should be given after the fall of the umbilical cord, till then you can wipe gently with plain water. Their skin loose moisture very quickly so it is advisable not to rub their skin, instead pat dry post bathing. Massaging is always advisable to make their skin moisture intact; parents should carefully select right oil for massage. The oil with less viscosity is advisable for new born since thick oil can clog the pores and trigger skin rashes or allergy. While choosing any brands soap, moisturizer or hair care product, you must check the fragrance of products. It should be mild as strong fragrance can trigger allergy to babies. Use of any ubtan or such paste should be discouraged. Such product is hard on infant delicate skin and can cause skin rashes. As baby skin is very delicate, it requires gentle & mild care like motherly touch.

  2. Diapering

    Many expectant or new parents often get confused whether to use cotton nappy or go for the diaper. It is strongly recommended to go for the disposable diaper because cloth nappy tend to cause rashes. Also, long time wetness can cause common cold & flu among babies. It is advisable to change the diaper every 2-3 hours since the acid content of baby bowl movement can irritate the baby skin and can cause rashes. However changing diaper or nappy had been the complicated task for new parents. The best way of changing the diaper is to place the baby on changing mat or cloth, remove the soiled diaper and then clean the area with plain water. Then dap with wet clothes or wipes. Cleaning should be done from front to back to avoid chances of infections. Frequent cleaning can make the skin irritant and dry, to avoid diaper rash it is advisable to apply coconut oil or nappy rash cream post cleaning.

  3. Clothing

    The moment the bundle of joy arrived, the first thing any parents look for is buying plenty of cloths. Even friends and family also gift lots of cute dress for the new born. Most of the infant clothing available in the market contain harmful dying agent & material which is harsh for the baby skin. Baby skin is extremely sensitive choosing soft fabric is very much important. It is advisable to use only cotton cloths for new born, it is considered to be most ideal fabric for baby skin. Also due to its breathable property cotton fabric help to regulate the baby body temperature naturally.

Tips for layering:

  • All new cloths must be washed diligently before every use.
  • Use only antiseptic lotion or mild non-detergent base product for washing.
  • The parent should avoid piles of layering during winters to the babies. It can trigger overheating of body temperature.
  • The general rule is dressing your infant one layer extra what you are wearing.
  • The first layer should be breathable fabric (good cotton or wool fabric)
  • Easy to remove cloths (Front Open)
  • Babies tend to lose heat faster 4 times than adult – Covering their heads, little hands & feet help to regulate the body temperature during winters.
  • All washed cloths must be dried under direct sunlight since it is natural source of germ disinfector
  1. Room Temperature

    Infant is more prone to SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) from age of 1 month until a year. It is highly recommended to have moderate room temperature for babies, not too heat or not too cold. It is recommended to place baby close to mothers at least for six months to avoid any mishaps. Even baby feel sheltered under the warmth of mother arms. The ideal room temperature depends on the climatic condition of the place; the general recommendation is 23 degree – 25 degrees. Always check with your pediatrician if you are unsure about baby room temperature.

  2. Visitor Rules

    The moment your baby is born, there would be lots of friends and family visiting you. It is suggested not to allow anyone to cuddle or kiss the baby during initial days. Since new born are more prone to infections. Always be strict no to “Flowers Bouquets” since the flower pollen can again trigger infections. As parents, you should be adamant enough to ask the family or friends first to wash or sanitize hands before touching new born. We should always advise visitor to switch off flash light before clicking any picture of infant.Pictures should be clicked only with flash light off, eyes being a more sensitive part are vulnerable to get damaged due to such light.

So, these are important New Born essentials care. Babies bring joy and happiness to home, however, this is also a crucial time for new parents. They would be pooled with lots of advice which leave them with utter confusion. As a parent, you should always choose the best and right for your new born. Ensure on-time vaccinations to protect baby from disease. A new born is very delicate they need extra care and protection. Parents should not fall for any old wives tales or customs which are harmful to new born. Always seek advice from your pediatrician in case of any doubt. As parents, both have to support each other emotionally because it is also the phase of new experiences and challenges.  

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