Someone asked me, what is your greatest moment of pride and without blinking my eyes, I said, ‘It’s giving birth to my daughter. I feel proud when I realize that I created her. And that gives me immense pleasure ‘.

Yes, my girl is someone I am already proud of. She is a preschooler and yet teaches me so many things in a single day.

Here is a list of 5 things I tell my daughter everyday:

  • Believe in yourself-

    There is nothing in the world which you can’t achieve. All you need to do is to believe in yourself. Smile, laugh, cry, throw tantrums, fight your fears away, challenge yourself and feel that you are worth of everything you dream about. Nobody and nothing can be an obstacle till the time you feel it. Take every obstacle as an opportunity to grow and reach the heights.

  • All colours are beautiful including black-

    Love and care every colour and that includes the colour black. Never judge anyone on the basis on their skin colour, physical disability, emotional and mental balance and bank balance. All human beings need to be treated as human beings regardless of their colour, race, ethnicity and physical appearance.

  • Respect humanity and be humble

    People say respect elders. I say respect elders, younger ones and animals. Learn to say ‘Sorry’ to everyone you may have hurt intentionally or non intentionally. Learn to say ‘Thank you’ to everyone who has done something for you in compensation or not. For example, say ‘Thank you’ to a Rickshaw-wala or Auto-Wala after he drops you. Say ‘Thank you’ to a Maid who even gives you a glass of water. Say Learn to say ‘Aap‘ instead of ‘Tu‘. Learn to say ‘Hanji‘ instead of ‘Haan‘. Be humble to everyone that includes animals too. Offer water to everyone who visits your home (This includes watchmen, car washer, maids and many more). Respecting everyone will not belittle you, rather will add up to your blessings in the long run.

  • Listen to your heart – 

    Do what your heart says. Whenever there is a battle between mind and the heart, listen to your heart. Sometimes we have to do things with half of our heart—things like choosing between eating vegetables or pizza , stacking up your toys. These are little things and here listening to your mom will work. But, when its about your career, whom you marry, where you live, your style, your friends – Do the big things with your whole heart, where you find happiness.

  • Have faith

    Have faith in the Universe. That it always works in your favour and only way you may change it is by having a positive approach that you have the power to change it. The power lies inside you. All you need is tap it and hey, the Universe gives it to you.

There are many little more things I tell her everyday which I am sure every parent usually teach their children.

  • Start a day with a smile and a small prayer.
  • Share your fears with your family and teachers.
  • Know your safe circle and don’t make any changes to it till you get an approval from your parents.
  • Don’t waste your food and if you feel like then feed it to the needy.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits.
  • Junk food allowed, once a month. (And she understands the difference in healthy and junk food).
  • Screen time of 1 hour to be followed everyday.
  • Dance like no one’s watching.
  • Sing like everyone’s listening.
  • Get drained in the first rain of the season but don’t get ill.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.
  • Be beautiful, inside and outside.
  • Know your country and be proud of it.

This list will change with coming years, just as the priorities in her life will change. I will be happy to share more of these in another 2 years where I know she may be struggling with phase of going to a new school, being friends with everyone, starting her education on a broader note and much more.

Till then, much love.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star …!!

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