When it comes to parenting, Moms are considered as a natural parent by default, may it be in any TV commercial or it is a Parent Teacher Meet. You know why? She is the one who cares, cures, feeds even when a child still has not taken a birth. This is the strong reason everyone has a great bond with his/her mother than a Father.

Dads are always accused as confused, ignorant, impatient and restless when it comes to parenting. But that is the progressively obsolete impression that doesn’t reflect truth nowadays. As nuclear families are increasing day by day, dads are becoming increasingly involved with their children’s lives. 

It is true that “Anybody can become a father but only a good father becomes a dad”. A child can get his name from his father but values, character, toughness are taught lately by a Dad. Dads are absolutely different from moms in their parenting styles. This is not to out beat anyone parent and it’s not a race, there are numerous things that dads do better.

6 things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting:

1. Inspire to touch the limits:

Dads are not overprotective like mothers. When a mom is getting panic attacks for a minor scratch on the little hand, on the other hand, Dads tend to be calmer in their parenting style. Dads are much bolder when it comes to letting children have some fun. They let their child fall and rise. He would jump in if any help is needed at that time, but will not interfere like moms. They will push, pump and inspire every action a child takes. This help in increasing kid’s competence and confidence.

things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

2. Acts and behaves like a Kid:

Dads are great actors and they will imitate everything that a child will do, in order to have fun with them. Running around the house with their kids is a no problem to them. “Catch me if you can” or “Hide and seek” is best played with dads. Moms are little boring to do all this.  Dads love to play sports as well as video games with the kids and will compete to death just like their buddies. They will do anything to have fun with their kids.

things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

3. Learning through Play:

Moms are great academic teachers and there is no doubt about that. Mom helps a child to write first letters. Dads are different in their teaching style. They are great in teaching important life lessons in a playful way. They will teach Math and Science with live examples and that helps a child learn the correct fundamentals concepts of the things. Things learned in this manner lasts long.

things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

4. Adventures and Innovations:

Moms are good at having play dates and some light heart activities. Dads are spot on when it comes to some adventures and travel. They don’t need any long list of planning items. Maybe it is a water gun fight on a hot summer, largest water slide or any monstrous roller coaster. Dad will just go hand in hand with their kids for any crazy adventures. Dads are great builders and innovators to when it comes to building stuff and even in the kitchen. They love to do experiments in the kitchens to innovate a dish with their kids, mind you they make a lot of mess too. They will show their skills especially when it is about to build sand castles on the beach or build a water treatment plant model for a kid’s science project.things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

5. Making Appreciation Work

Nothing in the world can boost a child’s confidence, then a few words of appreciation by a dad. Words like “Well done” or “Good Job” can take a child’s self-esteem to heights. You know why? Because a dad will only teach the first step to a thing and take a step back and let his child learn the next step and then the next on his/her own. They will always be at watchful sight to see if things are under control. When the kid successfully completes that job or played well in a game, they will certainly look at Dad’s eyes to have a sense of appreciation and feel of accomplishment. This is not to say Mom’s don’t appreciate but dad’s words have a different meaning in child’s life.

things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

6. Practical thinker:

Dads don’t see the world the way Mom’s see. They are a practical thinker and this is how they see the world. They will teach their child a rationale behind the way things are dealt with. They don’t involve emotions to any decision making. Kids tend to become good in academics and a great problem solver when they tend to spend more and more time with their fathers in later part of their academic years.

things Dads do better than Moms in Parenting

In nutshell, this article is not to debate on who is a better parent than another. There are many things mothers are better than dads. Yes, we need emotions and practicality to go hand in hand. We don’t have to be practical all the times and not be so emotional at the same time. This is what we call it life.  Moms have a great emotional bond with their children. But yes, dads have a great role to play in a child’s life and No Mom can replace that.

Happy Fatherhood!

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