When it comes to getting your kids ready to head back to school, there’s a lot to do to get ready. This means buying supplies. 

While your child’s school may have sent out a list of supplies they need, you want to make sure you get them everything they need. Knowing where to start can be stressful, though. 

To help out with that BTS stress, we’ve put together a list of some of the important school supplies your kid needs to be ready for success! 

School Supplies for 2019

First and foremost, knowing what classes your child is going into this year will definitely help narrow down your shopping. By knowing this, you can make sure you get the right supplies.

By checking your student’s school site, you can usually find those supply lists for the current school year. For example, AMS provides parents with comprehensive school supply list. AMS charter schools, which are for grades K-8, have a super helpful school supply list for just about every grade. 

Essentially, knowing the curriculum your child is going into is going to help make your shopping trip much easier. 

1.Backpacks and Lunch Kits 

First and foremost, your child is going to need something to carry their school supplies in! This is where backpacks come into play. 

We all find different ways to show off our unique selves, and a backpack is one way your child can do that. Along with backpacks, lunch kits are at the top of your essential supply list. 

For both of these items, you want to make sure to get something that’ll last your child the entire year. It’s no fun to find out, often when you’ve already dropped something, that your bag has a hole in it. 

2. Writing Utensils 

Getting the right writing utensils is a must when it comes to BTS shopping. However, there’s more to this than just pencils and pens. 

While this category includes the typical pencil, and pens if your child has a class requiring any, along with the more creative side of writing. 

That can range from colored pencils to highlighters and more. Some classes may use whiteboards, so your child could need dry erase markers and something to erase with. 

Basically, the classes your child is in will determine if you need any special writing supplies. 

3. Folders or Binders

Making sure your child is organized is important. The best way you can do this is getting them something to keep them organized. 

For some classes, your child is going to get a lot of handouts or work given back to them. Instead of crumpling it up in their backpack, give them a place to store them! 

For some students, keeping important papers in a folder is the best way to go. For other students, this can be a bit hectic. This is where a 3-ring binder comes in. 

In the end, getting something durable and easy to use is best for helping your kid stay organized this school year. 

4. Notebooks or Loose-Leaf Paper

Taking notes or just writing in general is a big part of what your student does in the classroom. 

There may be activities where a teacher asks the class to get out a sheet of paper to then turn in. This is where the loose-leaf paper is most helpful. 

Then, your child won’t have to tear paper out of a notebook but can easily take a piece of paper from their binder and turn it in! 

For other activities, such as creative writing or even note-taking can work best with notebooks.  In fact, there are some notebooks that even fit into a 3-ring binder! 

This is helpful so your child can keep track of their notes with ease. 

5. Glue, Tissues, and Scissors

These are the types of supplies that may stay at home but are still necessary. Some classes will have your student making a project, so using glue and scissors is important to succeeding with that. 

As for tissues, this is often an item students can buy for their classroom supplies. It helps to make sure that they and their classmates have what they need throughout the year. 

Plus, it can give your students a sense of pride with their involvement at school when they share with their classmates. If you can, check with your student’s teachers to see if there’s anything they need that your student can bring in. 

Are You Prepared For The Year?

These are just a few of the school supplies your student will need. Checking to see if your child’s school has a list online is helpful as well as touching base with their teachers for anything extra they need. 

The supplies your child needs really depend on where they go and what they’re learning. With the example of AMS charter schools, your supply list will vary. For example, if your child is in certain STEM programs they offer or take part in clubs or sports after school, their needs are unique. 

Even knowing how long your student’s school year will be is important for getting the right supplies when you need them. Back to school doesn’t have to be stressful! After all, making sure your child succeeds, no matter where they learn, is the most important thing of all. 

Happy Parenting!

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