Children who are introduced to reading at an early age reap more than one benefit. To begin with, it not only helps improve their language skills but also helps develop their cognitive skills. Above all, when a parent reads to a kid, knowingly or unknowingly, they form a deeper bond that often translates into a stronger relationship and happier childhood memories.

However, you can only interest kids with reading if you’re fully invested in the session and pick books that deeply resonate with them and their surroundings. Typically, parents choose board books with colourful pictures and meaningful messages to introduce reading to their kids. Some even opt for board book printing to add a little extra spark to famous fables and stories.

Here’s a quick guide to the most adorable board books that you can introduce to your children and create some of the happiest bedtime story memories that will last a lifetime.

10 Board Books that Kids Love!

Check the list of 10 amazing board books below:

1. Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Written by Bill Martin Jr., this fun book has everything from colours, pictures of children, animals, and clever verses. It is the perfect broad book to ease the transition of infants into toddlerhood.

The book is illustrated by Eric Carle, whose imagery introduces children to animals’ various colours and sounds. Some of the most loved creatures featured in this book include a yellow duck, a purple cat, and a blue horse. The reviews about this adorable board book are great and suggest it hits the marks for popularity.

2. Where Is Baby’s Belly Button?

Written and illustrated by Karen Katz, this board book is the best tool to teach children about their body parts. It features cute drawings and bubbly colours that are irresistible.

It is an ideal book for children of age 1, who are continuously learning new tricks and words every day. In fact, the book is the perfect tool for encouraging kids to identify their little body parts and their names. Each body part illustrated in this book is hidden behind a wide flap which is not easy to rip.

The perfect illustrations and big flaps keep children interested and allow them to learn more about their body parts every time.

3. First 100 Words

Children between the age of 6 to 18 months go through an explosion of vocabulary. Introducing this book to children of this age group is the best way of teaching them new words.  Each word on this board book is printed on a bright coloured background and accompanies a colourful picture. Furthermore, the words are divided into ‘myself’, ‘things that go’, ‘clothes’, and ‘bath times’. This division makes learning fun and easier. If your kid gets hooked on this book, you can expand their learning experience by including similar series such as First 100 colours, animals, shapes, and numbers.

4. Goodnight Moon

This book was written by Margaret Wise Brown, and its first copy of this book was published in 1947. Even after 8 decades, the book continues to be a favourite among babies. The popularity of the same can be credited to its rhythmic writing style, adorable illustrations, and magical appeal.

First published in 1947, the board book continues to entrance babies because of the rhythmic, soothing way it is written. The rhythmic words are also great at inducing a soothing and comfortable sleep. Also, this book is a great way to introduce babies to the various objects found in a room. While reading this board to your kids, you are bound to get nostalgic and recall your own happy childhood memories.

5. My Dreams

My Dreams was written by Xavier Deneux, and it has been widely acknowledged as the perfect bedtime story. This book features black and white illustrations that are bound to take readers on an adventurous and magical journey through castles, fields of flowers, and more.

The USP of this book is that it glows in the dark, i.e., the illustrations come to life once you turn off the lights. If your baby is scared of the dark, this book will keep you company until he/she falls asleep.

6. Hug Machine

This picture book for babies is written by Scott Campbell, and is successfully condensed down into the board book format. In essence, this is a feel-good book about hugs. The book uncovers the story of a little boy who loves hugs and goes around everyone and everything. Its cute illustrations and hilarious sense of humous makes it a beloved children’s book.

7. Baby Koala: Finger Puppet Book

Kids love puppets! And this book takes the cake for incorporating the quirkiness of puppetry in a book. This little finger puppet book is illustrated by Yu-Hsuan Huang. If your baby gets hooked to this adorable finger puppet book, you will soon find yourself buying its other varieties in the likes of crab and tiger.

8. Click Clack Moo: Cows That Type

This is a great tool if you want to instil the sense of standing up for yourself in your baby from a very young age. Written by Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin, this book features a herd of cows who can type. These cows are concerned about the frigid condition of their barn and decide to draft a letter addressing their farmer demanding warm electric blankets. To get their demands met, they decide to go on a strike and also involve chickens in their question.

9. Dinosaur Dance

Kids adore dinosaurs! You can trust this board book by Sandra Boynton to keep them hooked!

This book features dancing dinos that are cheerful and adorable to look at. You will find the characters dancing around that will make your little one break into dance sessions of their own.

10. Global Babies

This broad book features colourful pictures of babies from all over the world. It is a great book to instil diversity into babies from a raw age. The book is curated by Global Fund for Children, who donate time and funds to our community-based organisations and work to improve the lives of vulnerable youth. Your kid will love looking at other chubby-cheeked babies from across the globe.

You can also customise your version of a kid’s book or turn your favourite stories into adorable board books. What’s your favourite board book? Welcome your comments.

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