You might have watched the video in which a little child is crying like anything for not understanding what her mother is teaching to her. Well, I could not even watch the full video, as it’s so disturbing, but the only thing I want to do is to act the same way to the mother of this beautiful child when she could not read the simple alphabet of any other language which is new to her. Stop this Child Shaming.

The poor little child is trying to learn something which is completely new to her, and the mother is not trying to teach things which are really important for life, but she is taking all other things away from this innocent child which are necessary for a human being. She is not teaching or giving knowledge but taking away the child’s innocence, her ability to be constructive, her tenderness, her trust in love and care, her humanity on a bigger scale.

She is instilling her with frustration, anger, hate, aggression and all those negative elements one can think of. The mother is over-spilling with all these negative things herself and it’s affecting the people around her, especially her own child. She is making the child a hard-hearted, hard-minded and destructive child out of her beautiful innocent child.

I am shocked to see the expressions, gestures, aggression and helplessness of this tormented child which actually match the adults who when feel helpless, clench their fists and grind their teeth when they try not to lose their control over a highly disturbing situation, and they feel broken inside. This makes them fall victims of depression, eventually. And this mother is pushing her child towards that dungeon, deliberately.

Moreover, this sick mother is so proud to share the helplessness of her own child in this disgusting video, thinking it to be funny. She feels good about showing the world tormenting her little child over the smallest and most common problem that we all go through in our lives when we try to learn new things.

“You need a big-time psychiatric and parenting help, DEAR MOTHER!”

If you haven’t watched the video, watch it here…

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