He is so thin, is he sick?”, “He must gain weight, he looks weak.” Are you not feeding him well?” 

These are few comments I frequently get because I don’t have a chubby baby, who doesn’t look like his hands and legs are filled with cotton balls inside, or have BiiiG cheeks to pull. That’s how people define healthy today. If my baby is not chubby, I am not a good mom. I don’t feed him well.

Let me clarify first, my baby is a healthy 10 months old, who is reaching his milestones as he should, on time. He is an active, happy and bubbly kid, who loves people. He is just not on the chubby and bulky side. And according his pediatrician, he is doing great.

What I don’t understand is the fact, as to why everyone abides by such stupid standards of health and weight. Every child is different, for god sake let him be and the mother live in peace.  No one cares about the baby more than the mother; you don’t have to judge her. So what if the baby is not chubby and exceeding weight charts. It’s not because the mother is starving her own baby. It’s just the baby’s body built is like that.

As mothers the feeling of guilt quickly sweeps in when it comes to our baby.

Listening to all the comments, I used to feel guilty, thinking I must be doing something wrong, that’s why he is not gaining much weight. I tried to feed him more often. But it didn’t work; the baby will only eat as much as he wants. Force feeding only creates dislike for food in babies. So instead of forcing, I take his cues, and feed him, he is more happy that way.

So, all the mothers, who doesn’t have a chubby baby, don’t let anyone send you on a guilt trip, I have been there and it sucks. You know what is best for your baby, and how to take care of his/her needs. And, if you are concerned about the weight issue, consult the pediatrician. As long as the doctor says all is well. Don’t fret over what other says.

Every baby is beautiful, in his/her own way. No matter the size, color or built. It’s about time people realize this.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star!!


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