Mothers have always been extra cautious about everything, and when it comes to their babies, that measure gets multiplied several folds. From deciding about the celebrations for the kid’s first birthday to helping the baby take his first steps, mothers tend to manage everything single-handedly. This is the kind of power that women have been blessed with. Once the baby turns nine months, some are still crawling while others start to learn the act of balancing on their feet. And almost all of them need their mothers beside them the whole time. And these superwomen manages it all. To maintain these superpowers, the body needs tones of vitamins, minerals, and energy, and a healthy diet at this stage is as essential as oxygen for the body. We shall discuss the diet from 9 Months to end of breastfeeding, which is indeed a crucial time to take care of what you eat and in how much quantity.

A single nutrient you miss to add in your diet will give you long-lasting effects that you would not want. So here is the list of healthy food that you should consume starting from the 9 months to the end of breastfeeding. The below food items should be must in the Indian diet plan for breastfeeding mothers

Diet from 9 Months to End of Breastfeeding:


1. Dairy Products:

Bone health has always been an issue for women. This is mainly since while mothers breastfeed their child, a significant portion of calcium in the body is passed on to the baby through milk. And women fail to realize that they are supposed to increase the intake of calcium. Dairy products like milk, cheese, curd are a rich source of calcium, and good enough servings of these each day are mandatory for women while they have been breastfeeding their child from the last nine months and would continue to do that even longer. Dairy products also increase the milk supply of breastfeeding mothers.


2. Iron-Rich Foods:

Another major problem that women tend to face after childbirth and take them along throughout their lives is the deficiency of iron in their bodies. When foods like apricots, pomegranates, and spinach are loaded with iron, so why to suffer from low haemoglobin or take medicines. Make sure that you add at least one iron-rich food in your diet daily without fail. Not to miss the fact that Vitamin c, if taken along with iron-rich meals, tend to increase its absorption in the body. Citrus fruits are known to be the best source of Vitamin C.


3. Fruits:

Fruits should be made to your partners for the lifetime. No matter how old you are or how well you feel, at least 1-2 fruits should be added to your diet plan. Apart from providing numerous vitamins and minerals to the body, these also act as instant energy givers due to the quick absorption of natural sugars present in them.


4. Whole Grains:

Adding whole grains to the significant meals, especially lunch and dinner, not only makes it a tummy-filling diet but also makes sure that you have proper digestion. Fibres aid in providing good digestion to your intestine. This is a must in the diet from 9 Months to end of Breastfeeding.


5. Green Leafy Vegetables:

Most of the green leafy vegetables are a rich source of iron. Consuming them in the salads is the best way to have them, but these can also be included in your diet as a cooked meal according to your taste.


6. Fish:

For non-vegans, fish is one of the best sources of proteins, and the best part is you can prepare it in numerous different recipes. It is like a combination of taste and nutrition.


7. Dry Fruits:

Instant energy providers are what they should be referred to as. If they are soaked overnight, this tends to increase their nutritional value. These also help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body.


Foods to Avoid in Diet from 9 Months to End of Breastfeeding:


  • Caffeine rich drinks like coffee and tea. Instead, you can fulfil your craving for caffeine by consuming green tea, which has a minimal amount of caffeine and tends to impose no significant threats to the body functioning.
  • Alcohol should be avoided entirely.
  • No smoking.
  • Processed or canned food should be avoided.

That was all about diet from 9 months to end of breastfeeding. With a memorable journey of motherhood so far, what you would have seemed to be affected the most is your health. But as they say, it is never too late. If you have missed checking the nutritious dirt for yourself till now, do that right away. Get going from today and check the list of all the nutritious food shared in the topic. As they say, good food equals good health. So, make it a habit to eat healthily, which helps maintain yourself physically fit and lets you cope with all the stress and anxiety postpartum. We tend to ignore the mental symptoms at times, but good eating habits take care of everything, even if you don’t. Enjoy motherhood, and stay healthy.

Happy Motherhood to all the beautiful mothers!


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