You may find math problems have no use in real life but that is not the truth. Mathematics is important in our lives and without a good understanding, kids can find difficulties in dealing with practically every career. We all live in a mathematically driven work and properly learning mathematics can make a significant difference.

Easy Ways to Make Math Interesting for Kids

Benefits of Mathematics for Kids:

Many kids find math to be super boring and also annoying. A good understanding of mathematics improves practical skills in kids and also adds lifetime learning. Here are the top benefits of learning math.

1. Improve analytical skills

Analytical thinking helps the child to investigate and know the reality about the situation and make decisions not based on emotions.

2. Develops the ability to think

Math is all about finding solutions by analyzing the problem. Math should be fundamental in the child’s education so that they can be a better thinker.

3. Practical exposure

Mathematics explains how things work and focus on precision and accuracy. By learning math, kids can reach their conclusions based on logic.

4. Sharpens the brain 

Mathematics deals with reasoning and logical solutions. It helps to open up the mind and find solutions.

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Here are some easy ways to make math interesting for kids:

If math is a dreaded subject at your place, here are some easy hacks to make mathematics learning fun.

1. Play math games

There are a lot of excellent games that teach maths in a fun and easy way for kids. Try out games like Snake and Ladder, Checkers, Building blocks, Battleship, Ludo. These games deal with fundamental concepts of mathematics.

2. Field Trip 

Take your child out for shopping, encourage them to calculate the price and discounts mentioned on products. If you have a math museum nearby, it can offer an excellent experience for the child.

3. Do not grill the child

This is true, avoid mindless repetition of mathematics problems, it could be boring and too monotonous.

4. Money management

Make your child manage a ledger and record the income and expense, it will help the child to manage money and at the same time learning math.

5. Enroll in Cuemath

Cuemath is a popular designed learning platform that encourages the child to learn mathematics practically and creatively.

6. Interesting Math Motivational Activities for Kids

Hey parents, are you wondering how to make maths easy and interesting for your kids? Check out these 7 super fun math motivational activities that will make math exciting and engaging for you.

7. Math Bingo

Create bingo cards with different math problems or equations in each square. Call out the problems one by one, and the kids mark the corresponding answers on their bingo cards. The first one to get a line or a full card wins.

8. Cooking Math

Involve kids in cooking or baking math motivational activities where they have to measure ingredients using measuring cups and spoons. You can ask them questions like, “If the recipe calls for 1/2 cup of flour and we need to double the recipe, how much flour do we need?”

9. Math Story Problems

Write or tell engaging story problems that require mathematical thinking to solve. For instance, “If Rahul has 3 apples and he gives 1 to his friend, how many apples does she have left?”

10. Math Board Games

Introduce board games like “Mathopoly” (a math version of Monopoly) or “Math Scrabble” where players have to solve math problems to earn points or move their game pieces.

11. Math Art

Combine math with art by creating geometric shapes or patterns. Provide kids with various art supplies like rulers, compasses, and protractors, and let them create their own geometric masterpieces.

12. Outdoor Math

Take math outside by exploring nature and incorporating math into outdoor activities. For example, count the number of flowers in a garden bed, estimate the height of a tree, or measure the distance of a hopscotch board.

13. Math Puzzles and Riddles

Present kids with fun math puzzles or riddles that challenge their problem-solving skills. For instance, “I am a number between 20 and 30. When you add 5 to me, you get 2 times 14. What number am I?”

What is Cuemath?

Cuemath is a brilliantly designed learning platform for kids that primarily caters to mathematics. This learning program is focused on Kindergarten to Grade 10. The teaching method of Cuemath empowers children to learn mathematics via reasoning and visualization.

  • Curriculum designed by IITians and Cambridge University professionals.
  • Personalized learning platform for students
  • Visual and conceptual learning
  • Topic-wise practice and mock tests
  • Instant doubt clearing by an expert teacher
  • Trained and certified teachers
  • 1:6 (teacher to student ratio) batch size of each class for proper attention.
  • The curriculum is designed and alighted with the school syllabus

Why Cuemath?

Cuemath is India’s No. 1 math learning program which is based on the concept of visual and practical learning. The teachers focus on accurate learning, critical thinking, and building speed.

  • Access to more than 180 Specially designed workbooks to strengthen math concepts
  • Creative 15+ math manipulatives to visualize math concepts better
  • 500+ intriguing puzzle cards to make logical and reasoning skills understandable
  • More than 150 fun tab-based math activities to increase speed and accuracy
  • 5000+ centers across India
  • Personalized mathematic classes for child

Cuemath Variants Based on the Grades:

1. Kindergarten to 6th Grade

This is an offline class taken by certified Cuemath teachers. The classes are taken across India at Cuemath centres and encourage the child to build their own mental mathematics learning model.

2. 7th to 10th Grade

Online classes are conducted by certified Cuemath teachers to prepare the child for competitive exams. The students are prepared to outperform and participate in the International Math Olympiad. In addition to it, Cuemath’s teachers ensure the child excels in math at school and has a 2-time increase in logical reasoning and skills. All this is accomplished by encouraging children to analyze and learn algorithms and calculating techniques.

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Cuemath has recently launched a leap course totally free of cost. The kids can Access Online Curriculum for free and learn from home until the lockdown ends.

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Summer Learning Camp

Convert boring summer vacation into learning time, check out the Summer Camp 2020, it features 12 hours’ worth of content to be done in 12 sessions. Each class is 60 minutes and encourages the child to learn and explore

  • Logic skills via Puzzles like Sudoku, Futoshiki & Ken-Ken Puzzles
  • Develop skills using Origami & Tangram
  • Data-based mini projects via pie charts, histograms

Cuemath is focused on teaching math or can say how to teach maths in an interesting way. The expert team exposes the child to a learning system that encourages them to think logically and understand the concept of mathematics.

So, without a doubt get your little champ enrolled in Cuemath in just one click. 

Let’s make maths interesting and fun-filled for the kids with Cuemath.

Happy Parenting!

FAQs on Maths Activities

How to teach maths in an interesting way?

To teach math in an interesting way, try using games, puzzles, and math motivational activities that make learning fun. Instead of just talking about numbers, involve kids in math magazine ideas and hands-on experiences where they can see math in action. 

How to create interest in maths?

Creating interest in math starts by making it relevant and engaging for kids. Connect math to things they already enjoy, like sports, music, or art. Show them how math is used in these activities and how it can help them improve and succeed. Encourage exploration and curiosity by giving kids opportunities to solve problems in their own way and at their own pace. 

Happy Parenting!

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