Father’s Day Special

To daddy, with love

Dear Papa,

Right from my childhood, I have seen you waking up at 5 o’ clock and starting your day with a glass of water, followed by a cup of tea. You always had a dream that your kids would be equally efficient and wake up with you but none of us, your kids, ever did so. We belong to a generation of lazy bums, who need a session of snoozes before starting their day. It is because of your hard work only that we enjoyed being in bed so late when you are already done with half of your day’s work.

After that your routine is followed by a morning walk, being an athlete. Distance may vary depending on the time you can spare. Being a lecturer by profession, your day was followed by going to college.

Farming is your passion & your soul is nourished when you go to our farms. This shows that you are a true hardcore Punjabi jatt, who actually love their land & not belonging to a breed of landlords, for whom land is just a source of income. You irrigated our land with hard work and sweat, whenever you got time from your job. I have seen you equally efficient in both the fields of earning our livelihood that is lecturer ship as well as farming, whichever you are involved in, at a time.

Those were the days, my adorable father, when after coming back from college in the afternoon; you drove 40 kms on scooter instead of resting so that you can put some time in our futile land to make it fertile. Your hard work just did not end here. Then, in the evening, you drove back to home again to spend some time with your kids at home. This routine happened twice or thrice a week. That was the live example of hard work that you had portrayed silently and unknowingly in front of us. I have seen you spending very little on yourself and saving all for us. Today when we are jam-packed with latest gadgets, your all time entertainment is to occasionally watch classic hindi movies on TV and you are on cloud nine watching Jai-Veeru defeating Gabbar in your all time favorite Sholay.

Nowadays, gender discrimination is reduced to a large extent. But how can I forget the time, dear Pa, when I had completed my 12th and bhua ji asked you to find a suitable match for me and I started crying, as I did not want to marry at such an early age. You came to me and promised me to let me study in my very own chosen subject and that too till the time I want to continue. You even promised me not to let me marry till the time I want to.

Today, when I look back, that specific episode shows that your children were your world even at that time. You allowed us to blossom. When mom left us, you played the role of both mom and dad equally good. You had set an example of how a healthy and happy family should be, even if your soul mate is resting in peace.

Parents always want their children to be ethical, but you taught us the morals and values so effortlessly with little things that you did every day.  You nourished us with principles in such a way that blossomed our thought process. Whatever good qualities are there in my personality, all those are because of your exquisite upbringing. However, I don’t regret to admit that the bad ones are my very own getting conditioned in societal norms every now and then. Apart from professional success, your upbringing helped us emerge as fine human beings.

You had never ignored your responsibilities towards your family despite being busy in mundanities of life. You are our Santa who is available 24*7/365 days to fulfill all our wishes.

I feel blessed to be your daughter as you had always supported me in each and everything that I ever thought to do. So, my lovable pa, we are lucky being your kids as nobody else could ever be a better father to us.

I salute to the man with principles and The Best father of the world. You are my Superhero!!!

With love,

Your princess!!!

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