Whether you’re going on holiday and want some ideas to entertain the children, or it’s starting to get warm and the kids are itching to get down to your local seaside resort, it’s always a good idea to have some games in your head before hitting the beach. Playing on the beach is a free and easy way to get the children off their devices and out in the sun, all whilst being active and giving you some time to catch those rays too. Before you head off on your next seaside adventure, check out these fun games to play on the sand.

Five Games to play on Beach:

Mini Golf

Let your imagination run wild as you set up a mini-golf course around the beach. You can pick up inexpensive plastic golf clubs and balls from many children’s toy stores or beach stores near seafronts, or you can even improvise with things you already have. Use objects such as towels or buckets as obstacles and dig holes in the sand for your kids to shoot into. This is a fun way to spend an hour or two; just make sure you keep score!

Target Frisbee

If the children are getting a bit fed up of tossing the Frisbee back and forth, here is one of many games you can play to make Frisbee more exciting. Make some targets around the area where you are sitting (be careful of other beach-goers) and take turns to aim your Frisbee as close to the area as you can. You can use an umbrella, blankets, buckets, or a towel to aim at; anything will do. If you only own one Frisbee, make sure you each pick a stone, so you can keep check of who wins each round.

Bucket Relay

Kids love a little competition and a lot of fun, so anything involving a relay is always a good idea. Each child will need a bucket and a carrying object, such as a big shell, a spade or their hands, depending on what you are using to fill the bucket. An easy way to play is to have the kids run back and forth to the sea and whoever fills their bucket first wins. You could also play with stones, shells, or sand.

Tug of War

Split into two teams (grown-ups, no cheating!) and using an old skipping rope, or two pieces of rope tied together, get ready to compete. Don’t forget to draw a line in the sand. Count down from three and PULL! Playing this by the water could mean the losing team ends up in the sea. Make sure if your children do end up in the water that you keep topping up their sunscreen. To help, you can get your kids swimwear by Folpetto, which is made with the little one’s comfort, style, and safety in mind. Swimwear like this, is made with an Ultraviolet Protection Factor 50+ fabric which helps block harmful sunlight playing on the beach. 


This one requires no money and practically no equipment, except a stick to draw the grid with. Each player chooses their favorite stone, shell or anything else they wish to play with as their marker and then line up, ready to take turns on the grid. Teach your children the game you used to spend hours playing as a child and get hopping, skipping, and jumping in the sand. If the sand is hot, don’t forget to wear some water shoes or flip-flops.

Getting the kids out and keeping them active is incredibly important and these games can help both adults and children to keep fit and have fun.


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