Confused about which colours to use in your house and living room? We sort you out with the newest and boldest colour combos to elevate your home design.

Redesigning your home is a creative job, and it is heightened by the use of the right colour. You might have a particular colour scheme in mind, in which case, you don’t need to read this article. But if you’re reading this, chances are that you are looking for some colour combo inspiration – and you’ve come to the right place.

Here’s presenting, in no particular order, the hottest new room colour combinations for the year and which you can get on board with.

Hottest new colour combinations for home:

Classic beige and white.

This colour combination never really goes out of style, and it keeps reappearing every few years. This year, too, beige and white makes an appearance in modern living rooms around the world. It is an easy combination to work with, and you can scarcely go wrong with it, whether you use white for the dominant large features, or interplay with beige. It is complemented beautifully by stainless steel furniture, or dark Oakwood.

Indigo and scarlet.

This living room colour combination is a bit of a departure from what any of us has seen in recent times, when the accent has been on minimalist designs with clean, stark white detailing. But use indigo and scarlet and see the sudden turn of visual imagery in your living room – there’s nothing quite like a staid and classy indigo offset by a flash of scarlet. Use other lighter shades of blue in small pops around the living room, but restrict these as far as possible.

White in ‘woodland’.

Wood furniture and brown on the walls – this room colour combination made an appearance in 2018, and is here to stay. We’re really raring for this combination to appear in most living rooms and bedrooms in India, because it is both understated and immediately attractive. The wood accents can come via furniture, while the white can be the furnishings.

Fresh coral and pale yellow.

Ordinarily, this colour duo brings to mind the house of a manic pixie dream girl, or a cutesy ice cream parlour. But when done just right, it is the freshest colour combination of them all. The trick is to use the pale yellow hue on the larger surfaces – longer walls, for example, or the larger pieces of furniture, while delegating coral to the smaller elements (like columns, window or door frames, drapes, cushions, etc.) Be sure to counteract the room’s colour combination with darker pops of colour like charcoal grey, olive green, etc.

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