Everyone suffers from dry, dull lips at times and treating them naturally will ensure moisture is restored and your lips get back to looking plump and glossy in no time. Nobody wants dry lips, as they cause irritation and can be extremely painful. Follow these tips for the perfect lip care routine.

Here are tips on how to get rid of dry and dull lips naturally:

Don’t Lick Them

Whilst it can be extremely difficult to avoid, licking your lips only provides temporary relief, which makes them worse over time. Saliva isn’t made for dry lips and the enzymes contained in your saliva will irritate the skin, exacerbating the problem further. If you get the urge to lick your lips, reach for your lip balm instead, which should be readily available in your pocket or handbag. Saliva isn’t the only natural ingredient that can worsen chapped lips: when you are looking for lip care products, avoid menthol and eucalyptus.

Hydrate Yourself

Many of us have dry lips because we haven’t drunk enough. One of the biggest signs of dehydration is dry lips, meaning you need to be drinking more water. People that suffer from dry lips the most are usually those who are working long shifts and perhaps don’t get time for a drink. Make sure you hydrate yourself properly and take a water bottle to work with you. If you don’t enjoy the water, try infusing it with fruits or drink herbal teas in the winter. It is recommended to drink 8 glasses of water a day, so if you aren’t getting this, it could be the reason for your chapped lips.

Scrub Them

Moisturizing dry lips isn’t enough to restore them back to full health. To get to the fresh skin, you first need to scrub away the dead skin. When you first notice dry lips appear, using a lip scrub can really help get rid of the issue before it becomes a major problem. A lip scrub should be used gently, especially if your skin is inflamed already. This mango sugar lip scrub is made from natural ingredients and can help restore your dry lips back to health. This scrub should be used around twice a week, even on healthy lips, to prevent dry, dull lips taking over. And this is the best tip on how to get rid of dry and dull lips naturally.

how to get rid of dry and dull lips naturally

Apply SPF Lip Balm

You should always use a lip balm that contains SPF, as your lips can become dry and sunburnt if you spend plenty of time outdoors. Whilst many of us protect our skin, we fail to protect our lips, which can cause major irritation and dullness. Even in winter, UV rays can still cause damage, meaning no matter what the weather, investing in a lip balm with SPF is vital. You can find many natural lip balms that contain SPF.

Bedtime Routine

Before bed, you should be applying a nourishing lip balm or oil, which can help bring moisture back to your lips as you sleep. Many people enjoy using natural products such as coconut oil on their lips, which can be used as often as needed. Covering your lips before bed in oil will ensure you wake up with glossier lips in the morning.

Keep Covered

If you do have dry, dull lips, protect them from the weather until they have healed. Whilst lip balm with SPF can help against UV rays, if you are heading out on a cold, windy day, it is best to wrap up. You can use a scarf to keep your lips covered, as cold weather can cause flaky lips and make chapped lips more painful.

If you want to banish dry, dull lips for good, use natural ingredients, hydrate from within, and be sure to find a good lip scrub. Apply lip balm or oil as often as required to prevent dryness and promote glossiness. So, these were the tips on how to get rid of dry and dull lips naturally.

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