A watch is used basically to look into time. There may be endless kind of watches available in market. As per your budget and requirement one can get any of it. Ever since older days, watch has always been a symbol of status. Royals carried pocket pendant watch which was generally made of gold and middle-class men had ordinary watch tied on their wrist. The trend continues till date where luxury watches are expensive, but now it can be afforded not only be elite class, but anyone can get a luxury watch.

One thing is for sure, if there are so many features in a royal watch, then the internal structure of this timepiece has to be complicated and delicate. Hence, managing them with DIY tips will not be possible. Keeping luxury watch is similar to an investment and therefore it deserves care and maintenance.

Some wear luxury watches on special occasion while some where it regularly, to dignify their standard. No matter in what way you want to use the watch, it has to be properly cared so that it remains in good condition for longer time as it is difficult to purchase such an expensive watch frequently. Thus, consider it as an investment.

There are some specific brands that manufacture only luxury watches. Brands like Rolex, Tudor, IWC, Seiko, Omega, Hamilton, Tag Heuer etc. are royal brands. Just their logo is enough to indicate its quality and piece of art. Another brand which is quite in demand these days is Hublot. This brand was made by an Italian, Carlo Crocco.

He was the first manufacturer to bring a rubber strap in market for watches. Although he didn’t make much of a profit, but as a beginner he was quite good in sale. There are many brands who have struggled in their times to reach at this point where they are classified as the brand to create luxury watches.

A regular watch will show you time and date to be precise. However, a luxury watch is categorized base coon other features. For example, some luxury watch have GPS while some have different apps related to health, heartbeat, calling and messaging app etc.

Sometimes some features are useful and since they are extra options, therefore they make the watch a luxury and expensive timepiece. However, to know the fact these extra features are also complications that need more maintenance compared to other regular watches. They not only raise the price of timepiece, but also increase the possibility of maintenance.

Here are some useful tips that may help you how to maintain luxury watch –

  • Follow Manual
  • Store properly
  • Keep it dry and clean
  • Regular servicing
  • Maintain strap
  • Avoid magnet

Follow Manual

Whenever you buy a new watch, the box contains a warranty card as well as manual. It is good to read all instructions add functions from the manual and not just rely on the store person. There are lot many things which are explained properly in the booklet.

Take ample time to read it and go through all possible contents. Never try old tricks that you’ve tried on your regular watch previously. If the manual is missing, then go to store and see if the person has extra manual to handover.

Store properly

Nobody wears an expensive watch all day long, it is only when they have to go out. Hence, when you aren’t wearing the timepiece, don’t just keep it naked in a drawer where it can come in contact with dust and other products that can scratch the glass. Wrap it in a soft fabric and place it in a separate place.

If you’ve at least two watches, then it is wise to buy a case where you can organize your watches properly. Keep them at a place where the temperature is moderate, too hot or cold temperature can damage your watch and its battery.

Keep it dry and clean

Cleaning a watch is easier, but reading the manual is wise before cleaning it. Many a times, it is mentioned that glasses aren’t supposed to be cleaned with water or mild detergent, but just with soft damp cloth. It is good to follow instructions in manual.

Instead of wearing it at a very humid, area, it is wise to keep it at home. If moisture enters the glass, the whole case will become damp and only way to remove water droplets will be to take it to a repair shop.

Regular servicing

Generally, we think of taking our watch to repair shop when it stops working or shows incorrect time. This is the biggest mistake we do. It is better to get regular servicing done, instead of paying a handsome price once it stops working. Expensive watches don’t need servicing every year, they work fine for at least five years.

Maintain strap

When you’re thinking about case and internal parts of a watch, do also think about its strap that undergoes all wear and tear when you tie it on your wrist. Every time when you buckle it you stretch it and scratch it on the metal hook.

Also while working it comes in contact with water and other objects like desk and computer where it rubs with them. Leather straps can show scratches after sometime. Even when you put perfume on your wrist it can react to leather and spoil it.

Avoid magnet

Modern watches are planned to repel magnetic field, but still there are some watches that which might not have this technology. Hence keep them away from objects that have magnetic effects like purse clasp or phone case, they all can affect the hairspring or mainspring.

Often we are curious about the instruments and machine parts being used inside, generally when there is minute problem we try to fix it on our own. However, with vintage and luxury pieces, it is suggested to take them to a renowned store instead of trying your hands on it.

No matter how much the brand claims their watches to be waterproof, it’s still recommended to keep them away from water. Over the time, case and gasket loosens from their grip and this can cause water penetration, thereby damaging the product.

Like cars and mobiles, watches can also be insured. There are many insurance companies that cover watches and jewelry in insurance as well, this is beneficial when your timepiece is lost or maybe stolen. Mechanical watches need winding frequently, but stop winding when you feel resistance and don’t overdo it. These small things help in maintaining the life of expensive watches.

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