Pregnancy is the ultimate event for couples to experience. And to announce their pregnancy after their first ultrasound is thrilling and joyful. This is so happening for their family and they are happy to invite a Hale and healthy baby. There are many ways to announce the pregnancy but using some special pregnancy announcement quotes can be flashy and funny. People benefit from the announcement to tell others so they can decide on how to help and celebrate the new baby and the mother. The parents can choose to reveal their pregnancy when it works for them. 

Let’s discuss a few pregnancy announcement quotes that you can use for announcing your pregnancy.

Top 10 Heartfelt Pregnancy Announcement Quotes 

  • Pink or blue? We merely can’t tell. We’re so eager about our delivery day.
  • A newborn is the one you get from within you for nine months, carrying in your soul forever till the day you are no more. Yes, we are pregnant!
  • Being pregnant gives me happiness every day and another day closer to glimpsing the love of my life. 
  • The joy in our hearts prospers and grows, we are summing up ten little fingers and ten little toes.
  • We can’t wait to let out the happiness with you that is over the moon that our bundle of joy is arriving shortly.
  • Divinity has knit together a little one to merge our household, and our souls are flooding with gratitude.
  • I constantly wondered what it would be like to be expectant. Currently, I know!
  • First, we had each other for ourselves and then I had you. Now we have everything we could wish for.
  • We are letting you know we have an idea for developing our house by two better feet. And We’re pregnant.
  • We cannot say, Girl or boy, But he/she is absolutely on the way!

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Adding a Plus One: Top 10 Unique & Creative Pregnancy Announcement Captions

  • I am in love with a little human I haven’t yet met. #pregnant
  • Pregnancy is a rollercoaster journey that has no seat belts but I’m relishing the ride.
  • We have wished, and we’ve implored, and now we’re eager to say…our little blessing is on the way.
  • Baby in my tummy, it’s all up to mummy. But once the baby’s had, it’s bragging freedom for Dad.
  • We wish to give you all the incredible news: Our family is ear to grow, we are awaiting the arrival of our tiny angel of love, and we have never been as delighted now.
  • We quit making an effort to get pregnant since our efforts have already been prosperous!
  • The nicest things arrive in small parcels, bound in joy, replenished with merit, and sent with devotion. We are happy to declare the arrival of our baby (gender).
  • Deciding to have a baby is significant. It is to specify permanently to have your heart go walking around your body externally.
  • Everything now feels bigger, rounder, and weirder, and I enjoy here in between all of it waiting for my mini-me to arrive.
  • It’s the perfect moment to add a fresh limb to our family tree. It’s time we all celebrate the blessing of motherliness. I’m predicting a new fellow of our family.

From Two to Three: 10 Memorable Pregnancy Captions For Instagram

  • My apparel is growing tighter already. Come on now, wish me the largest accomplishment of my life. I’m getting to be a mother soon!
  • A happening is about to initiate!
  • Do not open till this (mention the due date).
  • We’re on the conveyance of our lives!
  • Arriving in for a landing on (due date).
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, and on (this due date) our newborn is due!
  • Our family is extending by two tiny feet on (mention the due date).
  • We just agreed that we were tired of dozing in and doing what we wished for all the moment.
  • Surf’s up! Coast newborn arriving in (mention due date month).
  • Have you listened to the buzz? A tiny ba-bee is on the way home!

Creative & Adorable Pregnancy Announcement Quotes

  • No emotions can fit the pleasure of carrying a life and bringing it into this world. The trip of nine months is bringing more and more incredible every instant!
  • Giving birth to an infant may be the most challenging part of a mother’s life. Thank God I am already prepared for the challenge. Declaring openly my pregnancy to all of you!
  • Having a newborn takes so much from you. It’s the most magnificent thing you’ll ever do, but the aftermath is not so exquisite!
  • It’s a promising thing babies don’t give you a lot of duration to think. You fall in love with them, and when you acknowledge how much they love you back, life is very easy.
  • Women constantly ask me how to get back in shape after having a newborn. I always say, ‘Know when’s the correct time for your training and be committed to doing it.
  • It’s a truth that in this business, there is an anticipation of being thin. But possessing a baby is a fact too, and it’s additionally vital for me to produce milk than to fit into those little pants. So that’s just going to have to pause.
  • A woman can tell me about her giving birth to a baby, but you will never know what it is to have a newborn.
  • What perfect mommies and dads instinctively feel like accomplishing for their newborns is usually the best after all.
  • Consuming tacos for the two!
  • From fur mom to the baby mama
  • Arriving at a clinic near you (mention due date)!
  • It’s all pleasure and fun until the person gets pregnant.
  • We simmered up a family recipe!
  • Peeks like “Netflix & chill” proceeded too far!


Being pregnant is the considerably adorable gift a lady gets from God, and declaring openly the pregnancy to the world is a landmark moment people recall for years. Disseminate the thrilling news with your loved ones through these pregnancy announcement quotes and captions, and you will be amazed by their overwhelming comeback. There are adequate inspiration and notions to claim the thrilling information with the world. Enjoy your announcement and pregnancy with these beautiful quotes.

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