I remember the good old days when my mom used to scold me for getting into a fight with neighbor’s kids. We were taught to be strictly against violence. Our surroundings also used to be violence free, peace loving people. The cartoons we watched was tom and jerry and scooby doo. This article talks about Increasing Violence Among Kids.

The scenario is totally changed today.

The kids are becoming more violent. It may be because of the environment or the exposure they get towards day to day happenings in the world etc. Even the games they play contains violence. Clash of kings, snipper 3D , champions, there is a long list. The cartoons they watch Ben 10, power rangers, etc. supporting violence. It is one of the major reason for increasing violence among Kids.

Last week I had a conversation with one of my neighbor’s kid. His mom was complaining about him beating up someone in school. She told me please talk to him and make him understand not to beat up other kids. I asked him why did he beat the kid in the school. He told me he was supporting some opposite group in a game and that he has to be destroyed so that he wont come in his way of victory. I was shocked to listen that. I inquired him who taught him that. He was saying that its a game and for winning you have to destroy the opponents.

I told him games and reality are different. In reality you have to be friends with everyone to win the game of life and violence is never a solution to any problem. He was too young for that but he will understand as he grows up.

Kids today are surrounded by many such games that support violence and anger. This is an alarming threat to the kids behavioral traits. Their brain development is crucial in the young ages and in that period too much exposure to violence can cause damaging effects on their character. Keep an watch on what your kid is playing, what your kid is watching on TV and internet. You cant be with them all the time so teach them that violence is a wrong thing. If possible keep them away from such games.

There are good games that can feed their ever hungry brain. Word games or racing games anything that doesn’t show violence is good.

With so many mind disturbing news about violences in India we have a responsibility towards the society to give it a better future by bringing up our kids in a right way.

Give it a thought and share your views in the comment section.

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