On an average people spend one-third of their life on a mattress as a good night’s sleep is vital to surviving and staying fresh all day. A good mattress like Wakefit Mattress matters a lot and different factors like durability, comfort, mattress firmness and lifespan make a huge difference. Have you ever wondered how long can you use a mattress or will it give you the same comfort for years? Well, experts suggest that a mattress can last for an average of 7 to 8 years, but the durability also depends on the brand and the material used to assemble it.  

How to judge the lifespan of the Mattress?

The lifespan of the mattress can be judged by the comfort it offers while sleeping. You find that some brands don’t offer you the comfort needed after 3 to 5 years after consistently using them. How do you judge if your mattress is not giving you the same support? Well, your body can give out certain signs due to the wear and tear of the mattress, you won’t feel fresh after the night’s sleep, or you might experience low back pain or a sprain in the neck. These are alarming signs to check if the mattress has deteriorated. You can also check if your mattress has started sagging and softening. 

Signs to look out if your Mattress needs to be changed:

The warranties and guarantees offered by the manufacturers are many, but as a user and sleeper in the mattress for years you are the best judge. A good mattress is an investment in your health, and you need to look out for these signs to understand if your mattress needs to be replaced:

  • You wake up tired and unrest during sleep time.
  • You find lumps or hear the bed springs when you lie down or move around the mattress.
  • You find some sort of allergies on your body due to dust mites.
  • Tossing and turning and uncomfortable sleep due to the wear and tear of the mattress.
  • You have tried flipping the mattress but in vain, the same problems persist.
  • Experience pain in different parts of the body, due to sagging and softening of the mattress.

Common Signs That Your Mattress Needs To Be Replaced:

  • Sagging: This is an issue which occurs in most of the mattresses, the support experienced before deteriorates.  Usually, during the first few years of use, you find that the mattress supports your body and regains the shape once you are out of bed. But as years pass by the mattress starts to sag and does not bounce back after getting up. The sleeper starts noticing that the mattress is sagging and not comfortable as it was before. Then you need to think of changing your mattress. Choosing a good best memory foam mattress is a good idea to deal with sagging if the mattress.
  • Softening: The materials used in the mattress loses its properties and starts to soften, giving an uneven sleep surface. Once the mattress starts to soften, it disrupts your sleep and can cause back pain or neck pain. The mattress losses its firmness and can affect some pressure points during sleep.
  • Wear and tear due to body impressions: Consistent use for years bring body impressions to the mattress, and these are mostly found in foam mattresses, latex, airbeds, and hybrid type of mattresses. They form an uneven sleep surface and you start feeling uncomfortable after getting to bed or waking up in the morning. You cannot move freely on the mattress due to this and needs to be replaced.

Check out the lifespan and durability of different types of mattresses and how they are constructed to understand the expectancy of the mattress. Get some reviews regarding the best material and brand to get a good night’s sleep and stay fresh the full day!

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