Let’s first peek into the Life of Mothers.

A Toddler is throwing a tantrum lying on the floor, an infant is waiting to be fed and kitchen chores are waiting to be done.

Multi-taskers are the other name of us, Mothers. It’s completely normal to go crazy.

But to keep everyone happy, we ourselves need to maintain our sanity. But is this possible? How we Mothers can end our days with a smile rather than retiring worn out.

Among many things, one easy habit can help- Habit of writing Gratitude Journal. Its a journal having our happy moments, no matter how small and regular they seem. Writing only the happy moments keep us intentional of our blessings, which we usually take for granted.

Things will fall apart, you may fail but when you are aware of your blessings, you will be happy amidst all the worries and panic.

To give you an idea-

  • You can be grateful for your morning coffee or tea before everyone gets up and start demanding your time and energy.
  • You can be grateful for your Hubby who takes Kids for a bath while you read your Emails or prepare breakfast.
  • You can be grateful to a stranger who gave you a smile while your Kid is yelling at top of his voice demanding a toy.

If you consciously look for these moments, you will find many. The only trick is to enjoy these small moments rather than waiting for something big to happen. The more you practice it, the happier you become.

To make the things easy for you, there is an easy App for you- Gratitude Pie.

Start jotting down your happy memories right away because when you are happy, you can make better decisions for you and your family.

How Writing Gratitude Journal can help Mothers:

  • It helps us in cherishing our Kids

When Parenting gets tough, we start looking at our Kids as troublemakers. When we look for their good traits, we yell less and cherish them more. I have found this to be especially true for me- As my Gratitude habit is getting deeper, I am finding myself getting less angry with my Kid.

  • It is a part of Self-care Routine

Feeling Grateful is the part of Self-care routine, which is a recommended thing to do for Mothers. By feeling grateful, we feel special. We feel blessed. When we care for self, we can take better care of everyone.

  • It helps us to do the chores happily

Being Grateful throughout the day prevents us from complaining and help us in doing the chores happily.

  • It keeps us positive

I am the person who is more dominated by negative thoughts and I feel that being grateful helps me shoo away those and bring the positivity back.

Happy Parenting!

About Upasna Sethi

Mother to 2 Kids who share her real Parenting stories and struggles on her Blog, Life through my Bioscope. She calls herself a lifelong learner and believes in the adage "Child is the father of the man".

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