Whether you’re planning to throw your kid’s birthday party, a kindergarten graduation party, or celebrating the end of their little league session, consider taking the celebrations outdoors. As a parent, it can be quite challenging to keep those kid’s birthday party ideas feeling exciting and fresh with every passing year and candle on the birthday cake. But now it’s possible to knock it out of the park every single time. And no matter what your little one is into, there’s a party theme to match perfectly. Keep reading to discover the awesome outdoor birthday party ideas for kids that help make the day memorable.

6 Awesome Outdoor Birthday Party Ideas For Kids:

1. Splash Day Birthday Party

If you’ve got a large spaced backyard or lawn, then turn it into a mini-waterpark. The younger ones can sit in a baby pool or splash at a water table, while the older ones can slip-n-slide or throw water balloons. Usually, adults have a hard time staying dry at this kind of party. This is one of the best outdoor birthday party ideas for kids.

2. Camping Party

Treat your little cute explorer to a birthday party with a camping theme that complete with tents pitched in the backyard and a fire pit. For elder kids, start the party in the evening and turn into a slumber party under the stars. If the crowd is younger, you can still ask your guests to bring a sleeping bag. Therefore, they can experience the traditional camping days and enjoy the space of an afternoon instead.

3. Archaeological Dig Party

For the little one who loves the thrill of the hunt or are intrigued by all that came before them, host an archaeological dig party. Simply bury some artifacts in a sandbox in the dirt place like the beach for them to search out and uncover. You can add an element of fun by giving them riddles that help them to find buried items or have a contest to see who can find a certain item that wins them a big prize.

outdoor birthday party ideas for kids

4. Kite Party

Let your kid go and fly a kite. While colorful tailed kites can be quite elaborate, it’s easy to find very inexpensive ones. It’s a fun event that many kids don’t partake in very often. Host your kid’s party at a large park and bring colorful kites for everyone. The kids will love trying to get their kite off the ground and seeing who can fly it the highest, and each kid can take one home as their party gift. Meanwhile, arrange to order cake online from an online delivery portal at the park, and add more fun to the party.

5. Have a Scavenger Hunt

If you’re planning to throw an outdoor birthday party for your kid, a scavenger or egg hunt is a great way to ensure that your kid and his friends have a wonderful time together. In Scavenger hunt, the kids have to work together and use their brains, all while having fun in the process

6. Movie Night at the Backyard Party

It’s quite easy for you to set up a projector in the backyard and have a movie night. With just a few chairs and tables with party food or blankets laid out on the grass, you have your very own backyard cinema. If you have got a group of teenagers in your party, then this could be an awesome way to cap off a fun day of swimming in the pool with a bite of pizza.

Last Words

Now that you’re up to date on these 6 mind-blowing outdoor birthday party ideas for kids, you’re ready to throw your own. No matter what your age, spending the day outdoors with your friends and family is a great way to celebrate a birthday.