Preschool is an exciting yet daunting time for the parents and child. It’s an important milestone that has a direct effect on your child’s development and can help shape the adult they will become. If you’re planning on sending a kid to private preschool in Houston, here are some things you should think about.

What Support And Training Do The Teachers Receive?

The teaching staff plays a key role in providing quality preschool education. Most of the time the teachers at private schools the teachers are dedicated, passionate and highly trained individuals but it’s still important to check their qualifications and credentials. You should also ask about what professional development opportunities are available to ascertain if the school supports the growth and success of its teachers. 

What Is The School Curriculum?

The school curriculum at a private preschool is something else you need to think about. You should find out which one they use and ensure that it suits your child. At the preschool level, you should be looking for a good all-round education that promotes your child’s development and well-being. As well as the contents of the curriculum you want to find out how they implement it so it’s a good idea to ask if you can observe some classes. As an example, the curriculum outlined on Brambleton Preschool’s website is the Ascend Curriculum which enables teachers to individualize delivery. It focuses on 9 key subjects each month for which activities are personalized based on learning styles and student interests.

What Are The Class Sizes And The Teacher To Child Ratio?

Class size can have a profound impact on the quality of education. One of the perks of private preschools is that they tend to have a lower teacher to child ratio.  This creates a better learning environment for the child where the teachers have more time to interact with each child individually and provide a personalized learning experience. Not all preschools utilize the small class sizes in this way so it’s worth checking out before making a decision on what school to send them to.   

How Can You Get Actively Involved In School Life?

Private preschool is a big investment, so you’re obviously really committed to your child’s education and you’ll want to show an interest in the community of the school. Luckily there are usually plenty of opportunities for parents to get actively involved in school life so make sure you inquire about them. 

What Is The Discipline Policy?

Another thing you want to think about when sending your child to private preschool is how they handle discipline. Every preschool should have a Discipline Policy detailing their approach so you should request a copy.  As well as detailing disciplinary consequences it should also include preventative measures.  However, it shouldn’t just be about discipline as you also want your child to receive positive encouragement so you should ask the school how they do this.

This article highlights some of the main points you should consider when sending kid to private preschool in Houston. Sending your child to a private preschool is a big decision and it’s important that you make the right choice when selecting a school.   

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