Life has not been a fairytale for this dad. But he surely seems to have jumped out of a magic land. Beyond my expectations he transpired to be a super cool dad! Yes..!! Super Dads do Exist…It’s Time to Appreciate their Efforts

This Father’s Day I would like to ‘Thank’ my friend and my dear husband for being a super dad to our two lovely kids.

I underestimated the power of a dad’s patience with his kids. From changing the diapers to burping the kids; from cooking to bed time stories (my favourite time too); from playground to adventure holidays; you have done it all for our kids. I am happy to be journeying the experience of parenthood with you.

As your spouse I appreciate your efforts to spend quality time with kids. I also acknowledge the hard work you are putting in to provide us a better life. Though it is sad when you are away for work for days, yet I admire the way you make up for all the missed times.

It is not every day that I seize on the opportunities to say a little ‘Thank You’ for your endeavours to settle the grumpy children, to take them for walks when I need some time off or to cuddle them in bed when I have deadlines for work. Now seems a perfect time to say a ‘Big Thank You’ for the way you have shared kids responsibilities with me. And it’s time to let you know what fatherhood looks like to our children.

Papa through the eyes of our children (R:8 years / P:5 years)

What does the word ‘dad’ mean to you?

R: It means he plays with us when we want him to. Sometimes he cancels his meetings to be with us

P: Papa says, ‘Papa is always right..:-)..’

My Dad is….

R: The Best

P: My heart, my love

My favourite activity with my dad is….

R: playing spellex and ludo, cricket, swimming

P: tickling, swing, reading books with papa, learning numbers

I feel happy when my dad….

R: spends time with us

P: kisses and hugs me

I feel unhappy when my dad….

R: is travelling for days for work

P: is travelling for days for work

I wish my dad would….

R: become Superman some day

P: cook poori aloo for me..:-)..

How did dad get the job of being a dad?

R: because we were born

P: because he was born before us and he got married to mommy

What’s daddy’s favourite TV show?

R: News and sports (cricket matches)

P: News and sports (cricket matches)

Do you miss daddy when he is travelling for work?

R: Yes, very much

P: Yes, very much, papa is not around to save me from mommy’s scolding..:-)..

Anything you want to tell daddy….

R: I love you Papa and thank you for all the gifts that you get even when mommy tells you not to..:-)..

P: Thank you papa, I love you papa, you are my heart, you are love thing

Is it hard to be a dad Or Is it fun to be a dad?

R: It is hard to be a dad

P: It is love to be a dad

Great going with the kids Papa! There is nothing more precious than the feeling that you mean the world to your children.With your little acts of being present, your kindness and support you proved that it does not take money or expensive gifts to win your kids heart. All they need is your time, love and a lot of care.

To all the dads who are working extra hours to buy their kids happiness with pricey toys and gifts, remember that when they grow up they will have luxuries but an empty box of memories.

Make conscious efforts to be available for your child(ren). They love to have you around playing, giggling, tickling. Make the most of their childhood while you still can!


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