It is said that when you welcome a new member into your family, life changes like a wheel of fortune.

Here is the list of ten things that change when you have a baby for an individual:

  1. You get to know more of your creative side: it brings out the singer/actor/magician in you!!
  2. You are more aware of your surroundings than ever before.
  3. You start believing in the fairy tales too, you relive your childhood.
  4. Your love for your parents increases as you start to understand their ideology.
  5. Your room is no longer neat and tidy; it becomes filled to the brim with soothers, diapers and toys!!
  6. You understand who your real friends are as people who are still in touch with you after the baby, truly value your friendship.
  7. Your outings change from clubs/discotheques to animal/ amusement parks.
  8. You manage your day from taking a10-hour sleep cycle to less than 3 hours sleep cycle.
  9. Your selfies no longer includes only you; your child becomes a default setting in the camera.
  10. There is a transition from being a fearless individual to being an over sensitive one for your child. You forget your pains for the smile of your loved one.

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I am a 29-year-old banker in a managerial role with a private institution, graduate in Electronics & Communication Engineering. Post graduate in Masters of Business Administration from Panjab University, Chandigarh. Recently I became father, so enjoying parenting a lot...

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