What I want to be, is it to be a superhero, writer or engineer.

Life like to give chances and I always try to chase new dream.

Its always easy to start new then to handle the old one.

I try to chase my dreams, sometimes laugh at them, they look irrational, blurred but its hard to leave them so just wrap them in hope to pursue them in future.

Life is hard between 9-6 job there is little time to create something refining what I have what I want to be.

There is lot to grasp it appears that there are riddles without crack.

Time is running and there is change in prospectives, it felt like it’s time to settle for what I have, to be mature but there are still some occasional breakdowns when I feel my dreams waiting to be nurtured, waiting for me to talk to them to figure why I created them why I throw them.

Soon maybe like others I will laugh on others dreams and advice them to settle for less but until that happens I want to give my best shot.

Its still a riddle that which path I will choose, there is lot I want to be but I think its time to start from the fresh one as it seems to be assuring .

Couple of motivation stories will do the trick.

Maybe I will loose but there is so much to gain .

Doesn’t matter I loose or win but want to be a person who knows the felling of trying so that one day one someone discuss his dreams with me, he gets my experience not my despair.

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