Are you an anxious parent, here are some tips for an anxious parents to help you. 

With all the pressure around us, we not only are anxious as parents, but also passing those pressure on to our kids. These days anything and everything around us is about immediacy. It starts right from our day to day routines and never ends, so it is easy to see how it trickles to our kids. It’s become our need to accomplish everything immediately. 

Here comes the question, are you a parent setting up high expectations for your kids? Rather let me rephrase it, are we really setting up achievable and healthy goals for our kids? 

But how lofty these goals are has to depend on how your child is responding to them. Parents want kids to succeed and do well but when they get overly involved and pressure kids they lose sight of the negative impact it has on a child. 

Let’s follow these simple steps to make our kids achieve their goals without parents getting anxious. 

Tips for an Anxious Parents:

  • Don’t be a pusher, be a supporter. Help your kids to succeed and praise every effort of your kid on their way to success.
  • Be the cheering squad and don’t show your anger. Help them go an extra mile with a smile.
  • Be compassionate, empathetic and approachable. Your child needs your guidance, if they lose once or twice it’s fine, let them know it’s okay. Help them find out their drawbacks without being harsh. This would help them become a better version of themselves. This is one of the best tips for an anxious parents. 
  • Nagging would simply irritate them, don’t always find faults. Be practical, we have not been right always. We have learnt our lessons through failures too.
  • Kids need encouragement and need that extra push, but don’t overdo as it would create negative impact.
  • Schedule time to be around them when they need you the most, show them your interest rather than being bossy.
  • Do not over schedule, don’t shuttle them between classes, given time for the kids in them. Let them play or draw or do anything that they like. Give them time to explore and be independent. This would bring out the best in them. 

These were the tips for an anxious parents. Hope you will consider them.

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