Parents seem really irritated whenever they are judged for the way they choose to bring up their children. Some are asked to be friendly with kids while few of them are advised to remain reserved and strict with them. It becomes difficult for parents to choose a relevant way to handle kids in such instances. They are confused if they need to follow the advice or they need to continue the way they have been doing for so long. Being judged is not an issue limited to new parents but the case is similar for those who have been doing this for a long time.

While parents are fed up being judged all the time, kids also start getting irritated with their behavior gradually as they grow up. Here is a list of some types of parents to help you find out which category you belong to? Which type of Parent are you?

Strict Parents

A recent study has claimed that strict parents have better children. Now that you know this, don’t start becoming strict instantly. Of course, a kid needs strict parents but not every time. Right? There are situations when you need to decide if you should be stricter with your child. Sometimes, strictness leads to an insecure child who fails to share anything with you.

Restrictive Parents

Do you impose restrictions on your kids all the time? Then, my friend, you belong to this category. If you start saying “No” every time, remember that your kid is going to stop taking permissions anymore. Be restrictive but flexible at times. It is often found that kids start keeping secrets from parents and stop asking anything from them as they already understand their negative response to whatever they say.

Lazy Parents

If you’re a lazy parent, there is good news for you. According to a study, lazy parents have more active children. Allow them to do what they want without interrupting. This way they groom themselves and develop analytical and logical skills. This makes them better and more mature children.

Active Parents

Do you keep on watching your child every time? Stop this. If you clean your house every time they mess up things, you’re gone. It’s not only about the children but your health as well. Give them their space and take yours at the same time. Be easy and a little less active.

Understanding Parents

There are parents who never start scolding their children only by listening to the neighbour’s complaints. They ask their kids about everything that happened. Such parents gain their children’s trust. This sometimes may impose a negative effect on kids as they may start lying seeing to the trust you have in them. So be very careful on where to scold them and where to support.

Pinging Parents

Why? Where? When? Who? Questioning kids all the time make you a pinging/poking parent. This may not affect your child when he/she is young but it will turn out to be an irritating factor as the children grow up. Stop pinging them. Never put your nose into all their affairs.

Encouraging or Discouraging Parents

Never praise your children right in front of them. But don’t discourage them at the same time. When they do something good, appreciate their effort. I’m not asking you to throw a party on their little efforts but they deserve an appreciation. Don’t be a discouraging parent. Always remember, parents, are their kids’ strength. If you become a discouraging one, you’re putting their morale down.

I guess it will be easier for you to decide your category of parenting. If you’re a mixture of all according to the situations that arise, it’s an ideal way of parenting. But don’t stick to any one criterion, if you want your child to grow as a better human being. Be restrictive sometimes, understanding the other time. Be active sometimes and lazy sometimes. This is how it goes.

Do tell us which type of Parent are you. Comments and questions will be acknowledged.

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