Homeschooling is gaining popularity in recent times. But despite the sudden hype, it is not a new educational practice that recently emerged in this century. In fact, homeschooling is an old concept practiced by people since the time of kings. Homeschooling is a great way to educate the child. In homeschooling, both the teachers and parents are responsible for teaching and raising a child. Parents choose homeschooling because of varied reasons. One major reason is due to health issues that prevent the child from attending regular school. But other than this reason, parents tend to opt for homeschooling educational practice because they want to take up a huge portion of responsibility and control over their child’s learning.

Reasons Why Homeschooling Is Best For Your Kids:

Personalized Syllabus

With homeschooling, you can design a syllabus according to your child’s ability and need, you can also look for Online CBSE School In India. With this, your child has an opportunity to learn what is most interesting to them and choose the syllabus according to their learning preference. It is easy to add additional resources to focus on children’s weaker sections in homeschooling. You have the chance to choose what your child wants to learn and you can personalize the curriculum. What’s more? They wouldn’t hesitate to sit for learning because it is super fun. When children learn what they are interested in, it will be exciting for them and hence they will be able to enjoy the learning process.

Harmonious Environment

Generally, parents choose to homeschool in order to safeguard their children. This is the most common reason. Parents wish to safeguard their kids from violence, bullying, sexual abuse, and psychological trauma. Those are common issues children come across in traditional schools. Safeguarding children from such an environment will help them to grow as good humans without any psychological wounds. The worst thing that happens to the child in their school is bullying. Due to it most of them are psychologically affected. These psychological wounds reflect in their adult age and affect their future lives directly or indirectly. In order to make sure that these negative implications can be avoided, homeschooling is used in order to create a harmonious environment for the child.

why Homeschooling is best for your kids

Planning Own Schedule

There is no need for a mad morning rush. Children can start school whatever timing they are ready and they can end it early if the child is not well, in homeschooling educational practice. The usual six or eight hours school timing is not a rule in homeschooling. A child can take frequent breaks. Some children have health issues so it is beneficial for them. Children can use the restroom whenever they need and they can eat if they feel hungry. In homeschooling, there is no need to rush a child to finish their lessons as children can learn at their own pace.

Healthy Relationship with Teachers

In traditional schooling, a lot of drawbacks are found in student-teacher relationships. Not all children will be very much attached to their teachers in traditional schools. This is because of the flawed classroom system. There are more students and the teacher cannot give individual attention to everyone at the same time. The child may hesitate to open up in front of other students and hence whatever questions they have are left unraised because of shyness. This will affect the child’s academic performance as they do not get clarity in the lessons and hence, they are not able to understand what has been taught. In homeschooling with good Online CBSE School In India, the teacher will guide a student individually and many of them adopt a friendly and patient approach with the child.

Educational freedom

Homeschooling gives students a chance to explore various subjects which they are interested in. This opportunity is offered in neither public schools nor private schools. In fact, the best benefits of homeschooling are flexibility and educational freedom.  If the child struggles in any subject there is an option to skip that and move on. You can help the child to master their cup of tea. There is no need to waste their precious time, especially if they learn faster than their peers. In the traditional school system, a set of students learn some subjects quickly and the rest of the students are left behind. To drag the quick learners to match the pace of others will affect the growth of the child drastically. Homeschooling can help to easily overcome this by allowing children to learn at their own pace.

Homeschooling is the best for kids of all age groups, there is no rush to meet the deadlines and the child can enjoy and learn at the same time. If you are a parent and can contribute extra time to the kid, it is best to consider homeschooling as compared to traditional schooling.

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