What you believe a girl’s dream might be?

Being a girl when I talk about my outlook about life, I see everything very colorful and vibrant. Every girl has different personality traits but there is something that we share it in common. Yes, we are fussy about things, we love shopping, we cry over little things, over protective, over caring and we don’t feel ashamed about it because it’s not going to cause you any harm. In most cases when a girl is born in a family she is taken as a burden because since then her whole family starts to think about what all they will have to do for her and later for her in-laws.

Why such kind of taboo still exists in our society?

Why can’t a girl get her own identity, where she is no more taken as a liability.

Why are we so blinded with the preconditioning that has been followed since centuries and not coming to an end?

It’s just not a question about how we are treated by people or a man but it’s a question about how one female is treating the other. Since we begin to gain conscious we too dream about various imaginary things starting from our career, being successful, earning name and fame for family and the most exciting one our soul mate. Indian girls grow watching Bollywood Movies and they are so fascinated by the stories that they start imbibing the same illusions for their lives. Just not the girls in India, this case is similar all over the world.  The difference lies in the perspectives of what people think and to what level the value relationships.

Here in India, everything is followed as a rule so far. Getting married is as important as getting a job. Another meaning of settling down is finding a life partner and devoting your whole life for him and his family. I am so worn out with this kind of mentality, and I m really waiting when this theory will be abolished from our country too.

Why an Indian mother emphasizes on making her daughter learn all the household chores and teaches her to be patient?

Why she has to dress sensibly when it comes to meeting boy’s family, why she has to node her head on everything they say?

Common man, we were not raised to do all these things. When anything goes wrong a straight comment in a form of compliment is passed stating, “Apne ghar ja k karna yeh sab” or “Jab apne ghar jayegi tab pta chalega kar le  yha nakhree” and the more nasty one is ,”paraya dhan hai yeh, bhej bhi do ab ise apne ghar”.

Do we really need all such kind of dreadful comments that also from our own family members?

When this society is going to open up their eyes against such objectionable remarks?

The later part is yet to come my Friends.

Life after marriage is totally different. For some it turns out to be a blessing and for some as a curse. A girl moves from her parent’s home to her in laws carrying lots of dreams and fantasy in her mind. When things don’t turn out the way she thought that’s where the actual twist arrives and hits her so hard. She tries to cop up with every little scenario prevailing there, killing her emotions, giving all that she can and the award that she gets for all her efforts and dedication is either the unsavory remarks of her husband or the criticism from her in laws.

Slowly and steadily when she is able to make her space in the family and starts adapting to the environment of that place another stroke hits her. She is asked what has she learnt from her mother and she can go back to her home and should never even dream of coming back.

So the question is, where exactly is her home, the place where she was born and bought up, where she holds beautiful memories of her childhood to the age when she became adult and got married or the home of her husband where she was suppose to live till she breathe her last. Now why everyone is silent, why can’t we have the answer to this question that is deafening us with those shrieking voices?

Is this progressing India, where we still have to find our existence and still need the answer of where is my home…

Think about it….!!


About Rohini Thapa

As a person I am imaginative, observant and self motivated. I have been working as an Assistant Professor for the past 6 years. I m an IT Professional. I gave up on it as I have a keen interest in writing and expressing myself and that’s the reason I opted for job of a Communication Trainer. This is the field where I am free enough to be who I m and have the empowerment to interact and know about people. I have been writing blogs for long. I wish to publish novels somewhere in my life because that will actually make my dream come true. This is my passion and I want to continue it till I breathe my last because this leads me to the path of harmony & prosperity.

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