We hear about personal hygiene, but how many of us actually believe in practicing it? So here are few Tips for fostering personal hygiene during Menstruation.

This topic is of major concern for every individual. There’s a whole range of discussion that can be done on it. It helps in stimulating good health. It just not makes us feel salubrious but at the same time helps us in fighting against n numbers of sufferings. Here I would like to focus more about the personal sanitation that the girls or the females should keep in mind to avoid future complications. The basic exercise of keeping yourself clean starts from brushing your teeth, washing hands, bathing, cleansing yourself.

The story doesn’t end here as these are the fundamental activities that we do regularly. A female body is different from that of a man, special considerations are necessary to maintain personal hygiene. Women have to focus on some special areas in their body that requires extra care and personal cleanliness. Especially during menstruation, a great care is required.  Menstruation is a natural phenomena but I don’t know why in various parts of the world it is still considered as a taboo.

A lot of cultural and traditional restrictions are also laid on a girl that she feels agitated and lacks knowledge about basic facts and personal grooming. Prior awareness regarding this natural process must be either taught or bought into light through training classes, educational programs among the adolescent girls, so that instead of getting panicked, they must take proper hygienic steps to overcome the issues related to it.  Above 50% of female are of virility age and maximum number of them are going through menstruation cycle every month. In such cases there arises a situation where the access to clean and hygienic environment, feminine napkins or items are found missing for the female to take care of themselves.

This period of month is quite irritating and females often go through mood swings. This process brings change in the body of the girls and it normally takes place between the age group of 10 to 15. Therefore the ideal age can be 13 or 14. It is very much important to know when your child is entering into the age of puberty because this will help you in making her aware about the changes in her body.  These days’ girls enter the age of puberty quite early. Many factors can influence such changes out of which some are environmental changes, nutrition influence etc.

Maintaining hygiene during menstruation is quite important-

If you make sure you are able to sustain this habit, it will make you feel more confident and will keep you away from those embarrassing situations. Most of us still believe in hiding that we are going through menstruation cycle and do not bother to know are we taking proper care of ourselves.

There are lots of us, who use the same napkin for the whole day without considering the ill effects, in fact in many villages women’s are still using clothes as a napkins. We call ourselves advance but where is this advancement lacking when it comes to personal hygiene. There is an indispensable demand for keeping our body clean and sanitized.

Tips for fostering personal hygiene during Menstruation:

  • Bathe at least once in a day; it can be done twice during periods.
  • Try to keep your private parts more hygienic by avoiding washing it with any ordinary soap, shampoos. Always try to wash it externally.
  • Try using warm water and anti bacterial intimate wash to avoid any kind of side effects.
  • Use hands instead of loofah.
  • Try to avoid tight fitting clothes as it creates moisture and leave you irritated.
  • Wear cotton undergarments that leaves you dry and feeling comfortable.
  • Avoid continuous use of same sanitary napkins or tampons for long time, as it may cause some kind of infection or rashes. Always keep extra napkins or tampons along with you.
  • Try to keep record of your monthly period to keep a regular check on it.
  • Eat healthy to avoid weakness, try to stay away from junk food.
  • In case you suffer from cramps practice light stretching, take warm water compress or you can even gently massage on your stomach.
  • Avoid taking pain killer, they are only meant for worst cases.
  • If you feel some abnormality, consult a doctor or a gynecologist.

So, these are Tips for fostering personal hygiene during Menstruation.

If you find this article provides you some guidelines don’t hesitate to pass it on to your loved ones because every single female is worthy enough to live a healthy life.


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