A lot of time, people may say, you can’t do this or that but at that moment of time you have to stand firm without judging yourself , be determined about what you have decided, believe in yourself. This world is like a marshy land where people are ready to pull you down and get drowned.  There are many situations in life we come across where it takes things away from us but we need to draw the line. We need to understand that we are no more a doormat that anybody could just walk over us. Dear Girls learn to stand up for Yourself.

Girls you need to realize your importance, the power that lies beneath you.

All you have to do is unleash it and see where it takes you. It’s a human tendency, that we very soon give up but the only difference between winning a battle or losing a battle is not quitting. This is 21st century and you need to stand up for your rights. You no more belong to the era where Sati Pratha was practiced or an evil like dowry system. You are the female of new age where the women’s are making marvelous progress in many field.

Gone are the days when you were told you can’t do this because you are a girl.  Don’t forget what you have within you that spark just need an ignition to fire up your desires.  You will always find critics, who will be there to judge you, offend you but don’t ignore what they say because those harsh words if taken positively can bring a great change in your life.  Taking the example of Sally Rider who dreamt of becoming a female astronaut had also to go through the same but she never gave up on her dreams and followed it to achieve what she desired for.

I can very well understand there are also girls who underestimate themselves thinking that their personality is not pleasing enough or they are not beautiful. The major reason behind such misconception is media or the television world.  Media is actually making such a huge impact in the mind of people that nobody is able to see the truth. They don’t understand actually the beauty lies within the eyes of beholder.

Beauty fades away with time but what remains with you is the beauty of your soul, your outlook, and your values. Physical appearance may appeal few but inner beauty will make an everlasting impact on many.  Here I would like to quote a famous quotation by David Allan Coe, “it is not the beauty of building you should look at, it is the construction of the foundation that will stand the test of time”. Henceforth, stop undervaluing yourself. No one can ever try making you feel inferior until you give them the permission to do that.

Don’t try to be normal, don’t wear a mask on your face because that won’t lead you to anywhere and moreover you will never realize how astounding you can be. Love and pamper yourself.  Be who you are, live to the fullest, look at the life from your point of view, be a freak. On a whole celebrate your existence because if you have desires and passion do to something all you need is to fly high.

If you have people around you, who are not sensitive enough to who you are, the people who can hurt you, the people you love the most, the most vulnerable ones and if they act insensitive, they don’t care about you than stop being a victim just push them away from your life because if you don’t do that you won’t feel good about yourself.   You are not powerless; you are powerful, what matter is whether you allow it to destroy you or to build you up.

To go against the dominant thinking of the society, friends, family, relatives is the most difficult job that you will ever execute.  Girls when you start  progressing, you start improving, talking , acting , when you learn to say no, people will try to put you down, will abuse you and mind me they will.  Don’t forget to draw a line at that moment. Don’t forget you are not a piece of commodity or a puppet to dance to their tune. Show them you exist. Be a girl who has the ability to change the outlook of this world.

Always remember you are brave, strong and smart to outcast the brutal reality prevailing in the society.

Accept yourself, Love yourself.

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