I have been introduced to classical dance at around 5 yrs of my age by my parents. I didn’t know anything about dance then. I joined music vocal at the age of 8 and Veena at the age of 10 and painting classes around the same age. I am very grateful to my Parents who introduced me to the dance and to my teachers who taught me with patience. I didn’t know the benefits of learning an art form at an early age but now, I feel blessed to have learned these. This post describes what are the Benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children.

benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children

Well, I realized that there are many benefits of learning an art form in childhood. Let me list some:

1. To relieve stress and relax

We are living in a world where technology is advancing fast and we are also learning new skills and adapting to it fast. Even though we are advancing, we are also adding stress to our lives. Getting a home loan/ Car loan has become easy but with loads of interest to pay, they are becoming a burden. With prices and population increasing day by day, there is competition everywhere for everything. Stress is increasing and we need a way to relax and relieve our stress.

Art is one way to relax and express our feelings. Music has a great impact on our brain and dancing is relaxing. Painting can help to express our feelings and escape from negative feelings. This is one of the most important benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children

benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children

2. To Learn time management

I have learned to manage my time well as I had to spend a lot of time in improving my art to perform on stage and also balance my studies. While my friends are lucky to enjoy their evening times, I had to practice dance for hours.  While my friends had more time to prepare for exams, I have less time compared to them. This challenged me many times. My father always encouraged me that there is nothing impossible in this world if we try. I tried, learned new techniques on how to read fast, how to grasp things quickly, how not to waste time, how not to feel stressed when I have a performance and exam on the same day. Until unless there is something challenging in our lives, we can never learn new skills.

3. To build confidence

I was an introvert and not very social in my childhood. I remember once standing on stage for a few seconds when my mind went completely blank with fear. Learning an art is one thing and presenting it is a completely different thing. We learn to overcome our fears and build our confidence slowly when we learn and perform any art. Parents have to encourage kids to exceed their past performances and not scold them for failures. That’s how confidence builds up in a person.

Even though I talked less and not very social, people know me through my dance, they recognized me in my school/ college/ office or wherever I go. This builds my confidence when people appreciate my efforts. Now, I am not an introvert and I feel comfortable in big groups and performing before the large audience. Again this is one of the important benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children.

benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children

4. To improve creativity

This is of course first benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children It stimulates our creativity and imagination. A painter imagines things, feels the beauty in whatever he sees before he puts his brush on canvas. Imagining and then expressing the same is not easy. We can develop some art forms by practice and some art forms are natural. Music/ Dance is like an ocean. Even though we learn a bit of it, everyone is different in presenting it. Our uniqueness and creativity will come out from these arts.

benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children

5. To express oneself

How do we express our emotions?

By communicating with people.

But, unfortunately, everyone is not good at expressing their feelings. Even if we want to express our anger/ pain, we are hesitant to show it before others. Expressing our feelings is one way to let go off some negative vibes. Any art form reflects our feelings. If we paint/ dance/ sing, we can relieve our stress. We see people writing great poetry when they are feeling sad/ happy. This is one way to let the pain go off or to spread happiness.

So, these were the benefits of introducing an Art Form to Children.

One note to Parents:

Please don’t introduce several art forms at once and confuse children. One or 2 is fine but when we introduce many new skills at once, they cannot improve on anything. Please be patient when they fail initially, give them more time. I feel, 5 years is the right age to start some of the art forms. Let children learn, understand the art and practice. It is not good to give up on any art form without trying and giving our 100%.

Introducing an art is the best gift that we can give to our children for their bright future. Think about it and let me know your opinion.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star 

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