I was reading newspaper yesterday and saw that a student committed suicide because she couldn’t pass the exams and it made me think is our life so cheap??? So useless??? Do really marks decide our future??? To some extent yes but they are small objectives not the goal. We have to accept that we can’t be good at everything. Coping up with the stress of exam results is very important.

We all try very hard to make something come true, to achieve something for ourselves and for others. Exams are one such step towards our achievement. It is a test of fire. Passing or failing these exams makes us feel positively or negatively about ourselves. It affects our confidence. Most of us also worry about how others, especially family and close ones, might react to our results.  A good exam result has become  something to brag about to our friends and relatives. A bad one is seen as the end of our academic careers. This post will describe tips on Coping Up With The Stress Of Exam Results.

Coping up with the stress of exam results: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF-

  • For starters, what’s done is done. Accept that you have taken your exams and you cannot go back in time. You will get several other chances to prove yourself and succeed.
  • Know your strengths and believe in them. You are bigger than any of the events happening in your life certainly bigger than something as mundane as an exam result.
  • Although parents and close ones may shout at you, they care more about you than about your results. At the end of the day, YOU are the most important thing in their lives; not your marks.
  • Persevere! Everyone gets somewhere in life. That is, only if you don’t give up right now. Keep the faith.

Coping up with the stress of exam results: NOW SOMETHING FOR THE PARENTS-

  • Dear parents You have to accept the fact that failures are part of life. Remember the famous quote ‘ FAILURES ARE STEPPING STONE TO SUCCESS ‘. It’s not end of road. One way didn’t work out, there are endless possibilities and opportunities. Please be an emotional support to your child. Keep them encouraging that no matter what the result is, it is you who matters not the marks. And for god’s sake stop comparing your children and their marks with others. (Unka beta/beti dekh din raat mehnat krte hai…. this won’t be a help)
  • Have you ever wondered what made the child commit suicide??? Lack of moral support… pressure… sense of being judged on the basis of result… Nothing is more precious than your kid’s life. They need you the most at such time not your criticism.

Encourage them…. love them !!!

And dear kids don’t stress and do your best. Never ever think of ending your life because of your results.


Let the past be your lesson and your future be the motivation.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar

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