Secret of making children succeed- Stop being a pushy parent!!! In this article there are Tips for good Upbringing of your Child.

I know all the parents want their kid to be the best and to win all the competitions. But isn’t that what all parents want for their kid?

Being a teacher, I have encountered hundreds of parents who are an embarrassment for the child. Do understand the consequences of your competitiveness- EMBARRASSED CHILD, BEING MADE FUN AT SCHOOL, TEACHER’s DON’T LIKE SUCH PARENTS-THEY ARE A PAIN FOR THEM.

So here are few Tips for good Upbringing of your Child:  

  1. Encourage them, don’t demotivate

    If a child comes home and says ‘I got eight out of ten in my maths test’, don’t respond by saying ‘perhaps next time you’ll get nine out of ten’ or ‘so are you top of the class?’ You may unwittingly have got into this habit, thinking you are encouraging them but what they hear is your dissatisfaction with them and their achievements. Their confidence will be eroded and they will become unhappy which will manifest itself in badly behaved or silent, stubborn and withdrawn children. Instead boost their self-esteem, encourage and praise them.

  2. Give them space

    Kindly do not jump in too quickly to rectify their mistakes. Give them time to understand and do that on their own. By jumping in you are doing more harm than good. They will never become independent. So stop doing that unless you want a dependent child. Don’t be a helicopter parent who keep hovering around their kids. 

  3. Don’t be forceful

    Dear parents, I understand that you have unfulfilled dreams which you might want your kids to complete. Please do not do that. Don’t put your choices on them. Don’t buy a toy because you wanted it, think if your kid needs it! Don’t make your hobbies their hobbies, let them explore themselves.

  4. Stop interfering in school

    Sometimes there are genuine reasons to reach the school administration but stop interfering in class activities. Like give him/her a role in play, he/she should be in the first row of dance, why did he/she not get A+ in this and many more. I hope I’ve made my point. 

So I would like to end it by saying that every child has potential, let them discover it on their own by encouraging them, motivating them, by being supportive and making them independent and sit on the driver seat. You mean while relax and enjoy parenthood. 

Happy Parenting with Budding Star


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