Wedding planning is an exciting journey where couple’s and family can’t wait to head start their preparations. Whilst selecting on a wedding dress is the most exciting of all, coming to the wedding invitations they are either overlooked   or are the one that are stressed on for several weeks. Inviting trends in India, also changes from region to region to region and as per social status of the Family.

There are many regions in India, where invitations are made through a phone call or through a messenger and no print invitations are sent. In some parts of India there is a high demand of box cards, the invites are sent out in beautifully designed boxes filled with chocolates, dry fruits, sweets etc. Where the cost of a phone call or sending a messenger is quite low, the cost of box cards are quite high, the mid –way being sending out simple paper invitations with venue and function details.

When we talk about the western countries, the way of sending invites is quite different. We often see them sending out save the date email, followed by a simple invite and in modern times the invitations are sent out through websites. India also seems to be catching up with the trend, today we see a lot of video invitations being shared by the modern couples. Another option that we have is creating a wedding website.

Creating your very own wedding website is extremely easy and can be done online with no time without having to actually hire an agency and burning a hole in pockets.  Not only are they economical in longer run, but also a whole new world. Remember, the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton an official wedding website was launched on their wedding sharing all the details of the wedding. You definitely not need to be a royal to have a wedding website; it can be created by anyone.

Unlike the print invitation with limited paper space, wedding websites have plethora of options. A gallery of beautiful pictures from pre-wedding shot or childhood memories, a map for directions, wedding countdown and much more. You can take your guests back in time sharing your timeline; it definitely adds a personal touch and is an emotional journey throughout the process.

Talking of the invitation process, you definitely can’t courier your website.

So what do you do?

The answer is simple “SOCIAL MEDIA”. Make your special announcement using social media, put your facebook, instagram, messenger handles to good use share your invite and  get an instant response. This is equally surprising to the guests. For those who don’t use social media make use of  messaging services such as Whatsapp, hike, hangouts etc.

So how do you get your website? Well, it very simple Google has all the answers.  Though the Websites here in India offering such services are few, but are worth. Wedding Tweet is one such website which offers free wedding websites along with save the date e-cards; you can also get one fully customized as per your likes at a minimum price too.

The trend of inviting through digital media is a great new way of inviting. One can be as innovative as they want. There is also significant reduction in the cost of courier services and chances of postal delays and losses.  But one apprehension remains, the use of internet services is popular among youths  but a large population is still not connected  to the service. Hopefully, the situation will not remain the same in coming years.

Just like When the Respected Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi, made an announcement to switch towards a digital economy, people did hesitate initially, but now our extensively participating towards to it. We also saw people ditching the shagun envelopes and making use of Paytm  for blessing the couple . The couple’s also printed the QR codes on their wedding invitations.  Just when the Digital India wave is storming hard, why should invitations remain left out? It’s not just wedding invitation, but all sort of invitations that can be done digitally.

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