The wedding season is just around the corner; whilst planning  your wedding or planning to attend your dearest friend’s wedding do not forget the tiny tots. This little bundle of joys look adorable in tiny lehenga cholis, dresses and tuxedos, but when it comes to throwing tantrums nothing can beat them. So clever choices have to be made to keep these little guests entertained and comfortable. This post is an essential guide which tell you how to manage Kids at Weddings.

So, here are some simple and clever tricks for the host to make weddings fun for the kids and hassle-free for the parents.

  1. Plan Ahead

    Just like decisions of planning your invitation, menu dress etc, decisions regarding children should be planned in advance. Careful planning should be done in order to make it comfortable for the kids. The first and the foremost list down the number of children that you are expecting at wedding along with the age.  This will help you to make the arrangements in advance.

  2. Reserve a Room

    To make things comfortable for mothers and their little kids, reserve a room or a two for them. Kids have their own schedule like sleep time, feeding times etc.  At weddings these routines go for a toss making them irritated and you usually find kids crying out and mommies trying to calm them down. To avoid discomfort to the parents and children keep a room reserved and let them know about it. It makes easier for breast feeding mothers, children to have their sleep on time, also changing diapers and clothes become more convenient. Your guests will definitely thank you for this gesture.

  3. Keep them Entertained

    Kids at wedding means lot of fun and laughter. They have lot of energy and if you keep them entertained, it will be a fun wedding for them and you might get surprised too. So here are some suggestions:

  • Picasso at Work Get some colouring pencils and little colouring books. Kids love to draw and scribble so let them scribble on those little books and let them keep it too.

How to Manage Kids at Weddings

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  • Mehndi Tattoos Little girls love to play dress up, bangles, mehndi, nail paints all fascinate them. So ask a friend or a cousin to draw cute mehndi tattoos  on their hands even a small dot can make them extremely happy. This will probably be the only time that they will sit patiently. You can also make use of your nail paints to paint their nails too. It will be a sight to watch them flaunt their nails and hands.

    4. Involve Them

           Kids like to be involved in all the tasks, be it helping mommy roll out some chappati or helping bride to get                    ready. Until and unless the child is an introvert and too shy to leave his mother or father, you can assign tasks              and get them excited about it.

  • The little guests can be actively involved in bursting out blasters at arrival of baraaat. It will be a fun activity for them and they will do it with outmost dedication just one trial and they will do it.
  • Let them lead the bride’s procession: This one can be exciting and fun. Let them carry flowers and props and lead the way for the bride to the mandap. The bride can also hands with the little one and walk down the aisle.

How to Manage Kids at Weddings

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  • Prepare a Dance: You can prepare a small group dance if you have small kids in the immediate family. Alternatively, you can also ask your relatives and friends to prepare a dance performance of their little one. It would definitely be an entertainer performance at the weddings, plus the kids will look forward to wedding s well.

How to Manage Kids at Weddings

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       5. Goodies for Kids

            Do not forget to have some chocolates and sweets handy in the house. These little kids don’t play by the rules                and you never know when you may need to bribe them with a chocolate or sweets. If the budget allows you                    can keep up a kid’s meal on the menu too such as cupcakes, pasta besides ice cream.

        6. First-Aid Kit

              Keep a medical box stocked it’s extremely important not just for kids but for elders too. Include common                       medicines for headaches, vomiting and not to forget band-aids.

It’s wonderful to have kids at your wedding but they do need special attention. If you plan wisely you can make it an event worth remembering for them. These little bundles of joy will lighten up your weddings with their cute naughty gestures. And you would not hear an excuse from a friend to skip a wedding because it’s difficult to manage with a kid. Oh!!! Do not forget to ask the photographer to capture the kids at their very best.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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