The bond between Mother and child doesn’t need any substantiation, its right there from the moment of conception till even after death. Motherhood is a natural instinct. It’s not something that needs to be taught to a mother.

If we move from philosophical to scientific process the Mother-child bond is not only from heart to heart but expands to our brains, nerves, hormones it’s all over our bodies.

But sometimes because of the situation of child birth or psychological health of  the mother which now a days is more openly spoken about Postpartum depression, reason can be any  this Bond of mom-baby doesn’t come instantly, it needs to be harnessed it needs to be nourished and grown.

This close attachment is not only soothing for both of them but also boosts immunity and enhances IQ in the infant. Following points will surely help you strengthened this bond further which is an awesome experience for all of us. Here we go…..

  1. The Cuddle:

Young, old, infants who doesn’t want to be cuddled, the need of being loved being cherished is among one of the most important human needs. Especially babies crave for the caregivers touch, cuddles make a huge impact on there later life.

Cuddling releases a hormone called love-hormone scientifically known as Oxytocin, it also called feel good chemical, it helps the mothers to relax, which in turns increases the flow of milk, keeps them away from stress and reduces BP.

  1. Skin to skin contact:

Mother is the home, food, protection, oxygen provider everything that the baby needs inside the uterus, then labor happens and all of a sudden the baby has to survive on their own, hence the skin-to skin contact immediately after birth and the next couple of days is very necessary. It helps improve heart and lung function of the baby, regulates its body temperature, reduction in crying. For the mother it is a wow feeling, the moment she waits from the day she thinks of becoming a mother, this 15-minutes of kangaroo care relives her from the pain of labor, reduces her stress levels and off course boosts mom and child bonding.

  1. The Breastfeed:

It’s been the largely spoken about topic in motherhood, we all know the benefits of breastfeeding it increases immunity in the baby, protects the baby from various illness and allergies. And reduces risk of stress and depression in the new mom.

But I would precisely like to make it a point here Mothers who don’t have enough breast milk, or don’t want to breastfeed or choose formula milk still can get there does of love chemical even by gazing into their babies eyes while bottle feeding or while snuggling or massaging the baby.

Do remember the baby knows only you, your smell, and your touch. It knows you and your voice even before getting birth so forget about the unkempt house, the piled up laundry, and the pending emails from office let the motherhood take the charge. This Divine Bond of Mother and Child is for life and beyond. Lie around the baby doing nothing just relax, play, snuggle, cuddle, enjoy.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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