WOW!!! Finally summer is here. Shivay is looking forward for a relaxing break after completing the hectic year of waking up early, exams, competitions and many responsibilities as a student. The first day of holiday and still his mom was trying to wake him up early, a little irritated he refused. His mom wanted him to go to a summer camp. What? I don’t want to go to any summer camp !! He grunted.
Even Sandhya was not convinced disturbing his sleep, after all the entire year he had to get by 05:30 AM as his school bus used to pick him by 6:40 AM. He was a cooperative child. Sandhya had a different issue. All the ladies she spends time with were sending their kids to summer camp. They spoke about the development kids get in summer camp. The new things they learn and how good and necessary these camps are. And if you are a good mother, if you care about your child’s overall growth and development your will send him to one. The verdict was out. 

Sandhya was not even thinking about sending her son to one of those camps, she wanted him to relax, unwind, and play and most importantly to be with her. She was good in swimming and over the years has prepared Shivay also to have fun with water. She wanted to go to swimming pool with him and enjoy. She has some plans of teaching him games which she used to play with her siblings in her summer vacation time. Help him learn pottery and craft. With all this also she would have done and achieved the desired growth and development of the child. But now she was confused.

She was sending her son to summer camp only because of peer pressure. Mother is the best teacher. If she can teach him new things, invest time with him and is not willing to send him for any camps, then why not?
What do we do for our kids is now a days linked to our social stature as well, why are we not following what everyone is doing, can I not afford it also comes to peoples mind. But what I think is good for my child is what I must follow, no one can teach a parent to become one its intuition.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star ……!!

Do as desired and don’t fall prey to social pressures!!!!!!!


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