Children look forward to their birthdays. For you it might be another commitment in your already busy schedules. You may take the help of some planners/decorators or also opt for outsourcing the whole event at an eatery/ restaurant. Sometimes, when you want to arrange the event with a different touch but without much ado at your own home or at another venue, try some of these themes to make the day memorable in your life. A word of caution for all first-timers, these themes go well with kids of 4 years and on wards. Also, I have excluded common themes such as Disney princesses, Pirates/ Gypsies, Jungle Book and so on. So here are few easy Themes for celebrating Child’s Birthday:

  1. easy Themes for celebrating Child's BirthdaySports Theme

    My personal best. You don’t require anything extravagant to decorate the hall, playing area or dining table. Make use of all the different sports items available at home for decoration and engagement of children.

Invitation card: can be in the shape of a Football/ a tennis racquet

Cake: can be fresh fruit/ vanilla cake like a chess board/ a tennis court/ Bat-ball

Dress code: sports gear

Games: funny games such as jalebi race, coin hunt in doughnuts, football with straws on a table, shooting/aiming

Return gifts: balls, TT racquets, badminton sets, sweat bands, goggles/ caps

  1. Cartoons Theme

    Another popular theme with children. You can easily arrange cutouts/ posters/stickers with the cartoons for decoration. You can also show them a recent movie featuring the cartoons at home while they are enjoying their snacks.

Invitation card: can be printed with cartoons on it (they are already available in market)

Cake: can be fresh fruit/ vanilla cake with the cartoon on it (you can add your child’s photo with the cartoon on it. Remember the photo needs to be clear and of high resolution)

Dress code: similar to child’s favourite cartoon

Games: guess the cartoon, add a tail to the cartoon cutout while you are blindfolded, and/or act like your favourite cartoon

Return gifts: bags, tiffin boxes, bottles or stationery sets with cartoons on them

  1. Denims Theme

    Another theme with the least fuss required for its preparation. Be sure, this theme will be an instant super hit with mothers, fathers and children. Mothers don’t have to look far for the child’s or their dresses; fathers will be happy because no additional burden on purse and children will be so comfortable running around in the party. You can use all your denims to decorate the party hall.

Invitation card: can be in the shape of a denim trouser/ skirt/ jacket

Cake: can be blueberry cake in the shape of a denim trousers/ skirt

Dress code: denims definitely

Games: funny games to design and paint the denims/ T-shirts, tug –of-war with denims

Return gifts: accessories to team up with denims such as necklaces, bracelets and head/hand bands

  1. Spy Kids Theme

    Kids of the age group 7-10 love this theme. You may require putting a little effort to decorate the entrance and the venue to make it look like a crime scene/ a police headquarter. But, you will find the decorators come handy here. They can get you a nice cut-out of your child dressed as none other than 007/ Sherlock Holmes/ Bobby Jasoos.

Invitation card: can be in the shape of a magnifying lens written with a code language/mirror images (lot of options are available on line)

Cake: can be a chocolate cake in the shape of magnifying lens

Dress code: similar to spy kids

Games: follow the clues and find the thieves, decode the messages, jigsaw puzzles, solve the mystery games, culprit chases (running races)

Return gifts: magnifying lens, goggles, kids’ torches, binoculars, wireless sets, diary and pen sets

  1. Mythology Theme

    If your child’s birthday falls in the season of festivals, this is the next best theme for your child’s special day since all his/her friends will have traditional dresses. And mothers will improvise to suit their child’s favourite mythological character. You can just spray the house with foam sprays and balloons to make the venue look like a place (heaven) in clouds.

Invitation card: can be with the pictures of mythological characters such as Hanuman, Krishna, Ghatotkach, Arjun, Radha, Ganesha, Hercules, Santa Claus, Achilles, Cleopatra or so on

Cake: can be a fresh fruit cake with the photo of your child’s favourite mythological character on it;

Alternatively, u can try a traditional pudding/ dessert like kheer/ laddoos/ gajar halwa instead of cake, with icing/ garnishing of ‘Happy Birthday/ your child’s name on it

Dress code: similar to child’s favourite mythological characters

Games: Gilli-danda, lattu, piggy- backs, Paper dance on traditional songs

Return gifts: potlis/ bangles/anklets for girls; flutes/ armlets/swords for boys

I have tried all these themes for my daughter’s birthdays and they all work superb, but the magic is never complete without our personal involvement in all the arrangements. The gifts need not always be branded or exorbitantly priced. A trip to the local whole-sale markets/ a specific search of the E-portals will enable you to get exactly what you are looking for. Your efforts are successful if the children are able to enjoy the food/gifts and take part in all the activities. Encourage the child to accompany you to invite the friends, choose the cake and gifts. That way you enhance their life skills too.

Hope you enjoy planning and holding the event.

Happy Parenting with BuddingStar …!

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