It’s normal for Preteens (9 to 11 years) to take risks because they are pushing abilities, limits and boundaries. It is the most sensitive stage of development. But when it comes to fashion, Preteens get conscious about their looks and start to follow fashion trends.  Some Preteens are very proactive in pushing for more independence towards fashion while some are not interested at all. It simply depends on personality and temperament. Though Fashion leads to confidence and independence still, there are many Fashion Trends to avoid for Preteens due to the health hazards caused by fashion.

Kids today have become more vocal about what they want their parents to buy. Today’s preteens are discovering trends and deciding for themselves with the help of the web and social media.  Sometimes fashion can be pretty pointless because preteens make an effort to win social acceptance by following latest fashion trends.

To get a perfect hair look Preteens often start using different hair products like sprays and gels:

The chemicals found in these products may harm your scalp. It can also lead to allergic reactions or hair loss or scarring.

Some Preteens choose fashion over comfort by wearing tight clothes:

These constricting clothes cause itchiness, irritation and aggravate problems of rashes. Try to wear only cotton underpants and pants at this tender age to avoid skin problems.

It’s always fun to add personal vibe to your style and stand out with what everyone is wearing at school. Always wear something that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable as well as amazing. For preteens, there’s nothing hotter than showing your confident, carefree and kick ass style.

Preteens must not ignore blisters, corns, and calluses caused by high heels and pointy shoes:

Always make the best fit and comfortable choice of footwear. Listen to your feet, instead of fashion guide books or else your spine will suffer and you may also experience back pain.

Fashion trends to avoid for Preteens also include big and heavy bags of school:

Carrying heavy bags on one shoulder as a mark of fashion can unbalance the load on the spine and lead to pain, aches, and stiffness in neck and muscles.

Preteens try to imitate celebrities and use makeup on their face:

They must totally avoid using cosmetics on their face until unless they are participating in any cultural event of school. Preteen boys and girls are equally vulnerable to toxic chemicals/ingredients used in cosmetic products.

Children shouldn’t be conscious about their looks at expense of studies and sports:

They should maintain their natural selves and must not concentrate on fashion trends.

We all want our kids to feel comfortable in their clothes yet look fashionable. It’s our duty to take a stand for what we believe is right and protect the young minds from the obsession of fashion. We must know whether our children are using most of their time on fashion or their studies.

Each child is different. Developing independence and responsibility is a key part of growing up. Too much of information regarding fashion trends block the minds of the preteens and distract them from their studies.

Fashion trends to avoid for Preteens should be explained by teachers in schools for awareness and personality development of preteens.

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