Food and babies share a relation which is like friendship. First they don’t know the taste and aren’t willing to eat, later if they like it, it becomes their favourite, else it should be thrown straight on your face with sounds more like driving a scooter. But what if these foods carry resemblance to baddies? This is exactly the case with foods which are harmful for babies. So, in this post all the Foods that are unsafe for Baby below the age of one year have been discussed. 

Making the baby eat the food has no proper way, rather every and any way which could give moms the satisfaction of making their child full is welcomed. However it can get messy, be spitted out, mashed with small hands, rubbed all over the face or even spilled to the floor by an excited ‘yuck’ kick. Although nutrition is the priority of moms while preparing food for their babies, still certain foods can carry elements which are harmful for their little ones.

Foods That are unsafe for Baby “below the age of 6 months”:

  • All foods are unsafe for a baby below 6 months of age except Breast Milk or Formula. So, just provide your baby, breast milk until his first birthday…!!

Note: Babies below the age of 6 months should not be given anything apart from ‘Mother’s Milk’. Mother’s milk is a best and most healthy nutrition for the baby. Most importantly, it is a guideline from the Indian Medical Association (IMA).

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When a baby turns 6 months of age, foods are advised to be introduced from liquids to semi-solids and later solids as the months add on. However, there are some foods that are unsafe for baby.

Foods That are unsafe for Baby “below the age of One Year”:


Nuts despite carrying loads of benefits for the human body are not for babies.


  • They carry elements which can result in allergic reactions.
  • Can also have choking issues after consuming in the age below one year.

Thus, it should be avoided for babies below one year of age.

Foods That Are Unsafe For Baby


Cow’s milk is loaded with proteins which is healthy option for adults but unsafe for little babies.


  • Little baby’s tummy finds it hard to digest the milk.
  • Cow’s milk and cheese are considered to be the constipating foods for babies.

So, it should be avoided. Pediatricians advise the cow’s milk after one whole year. So, after your baby’s One-derful birthday, you can start giving Cow’s milk.

Foods That Are Unsafe For Baby


Yes, you just imagined that yummy chocolate while going through the heading (it happened to me as well), but for babies it is a strict no.


  • Loaded with too much of sugar.

So, there is no point in making your little one taste it.

Foods That Are Unsafe For Baby


Proteins are the best source for growth and development but still fish is not considered good for babies below one year of age.


  • Carry a high level of mercury which cannot go well with baby’s health 

Foods That Are Unsafe For Baby


Avoid all those tea coffee stuff, your baby has a full packed schedule for another day, he doesn’t require being awake at nights, obviously, more than he wishes to.


  • Loaded with too much of sugar
  • Caffeine content in Tea Coffee stuff can lead to nausea and drowsiness
  • Irregular weight gain
  • Slow Metabolism

So, the carbonated drinks, sodas all fall into the no baby zone.

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Babies have a tender body system, which can react to anything unwanted, veggies are not to be given raw, they should be properly cut, boiled/cooked, and mashed if required. Remember babies don’t give a damn about their figure and never diet. So escape that salad, you thought would be nutritious.

Foods That Are Unsafe For Your Baby


Fruit juices are not advised to babies, if given they should be home-made and in a very diluted form.


  • Citrus fruits are acidic in nature and can upset the little tummy, resulting in indigestion.

So avoid fruits such as oranges, sweet lime, grapes, etc.

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It is advised by the doctors, not to give a honey lick to babies, as it can be harmful for them.


  • Honey is said to contain bacteria Clostridium, which may result in botulism, in babies less than a year.

  • Apart from these look after the size of the finger foods when you introduce them, they should not be so small that they cause choking in babies.
  • Also look out for foods that contain nitrates and are hard to digest, such as spinach and beetroot.
  • Whenever you introduce a fruit or vegetable wait for the reactions, which can be in the form of allergy or upset stomach if they happen to be, consult your pediatric.

So, these were the foods that are unsafe for baby below the age of one year.

Now you can continue with your feeding charts, preparations and the messy affair of feeding your baby, the nutrition loaded food. Just keep in mind the foods you need to avoid, rest you are a mom and you are superb at your 24/7 job.

Keep going girl….Yes! girl! We all need that!

Happy Parenting with Budding Star


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