Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful experience of your life..but its not just a feeling, it is a complete package of emotions you go through. You just got the news, now look out for what all your mind goes through and how you can deal with it!

Yes you don’t know how to react first. You are nervous excited frightened happy all at the same time. Many of us go through these mixed emotions as soon as the pregnancy news gets confirmed. The most exciting journey of nine months is about to begin and you are no less the queen of the house. The Indian society has this big meaning of the small word ‘Maa’, however its loaded with responsibilities, love and sacrifices only. Many would agree there is more to it then we acknowledge and accept. The large part remains totally unexplored. When the surrounding environment shouts joy and happiness, blessings and hopes, affection and care, what all goes through the mind of the queen and how to deal with it.


Things never change overnight.There is a gradual process to everything. So is pregnancy. However once you are happy about the news the instant reaction is be careful! Take a break you had not been trekking everyday nor you are a sky diver. Be calm and relaxed. Walk, roam and be active. You are not being irresponsible doing that.You are not a patient, it is just that you are pregnant.



Your body will change. From the slim body to the fittings you wore all will be modified to the stretched muscles, fat belly and loose clothing. Generally girls who are conscious of the looks dread this idea. But wait all this is not ugly, you are the most beautiful person on earth when you experience these physical changes. Beauty does not comprise of petite figure only. And wait nowadays pregnancy is glamourised. Go shop the new maternity range and flaunt your happiness.



For those who were working work pre-occupy the mind and for the home-makers the household is. But wait now its you who is the most important. Make yourself feel happy all the time throughout your pregnancy, and the key lies with you. Do things you like. Read, write, watch videos movies, chat with your friends, do everything that makes you feel good. Nobody would mind now if you put yourself first, if they do let it be. Don’t worry! It is you who is pregnant, not them.



You are worried when its your first pregnancy and you are totally blank about the experience, here you can look for groups of mothers, read online, talk with the gynae, but who plays the best role is the one who brought you into this world, your MOM! Go make a call chat, share, learn and get emotionally pacified. Yes you need her.

You may be interested in joining Facebook closed group only for Moms and To-be Mom’s to share your experiences and queries.

Here’s the link and be a part of it :


Once you become a would be mother you suddenly feel the whole lot of the worlds responsibilities lie on your shoulders. Breathe, its not like that. It takes two people to make a child. Share your feelings and experiences of the day and your work with your partner. Let him play an active role to make the pregnancy a journey to remember.


The journey has just begun, there are many more excitements to unfold throughout the nine months. So gear up to embrace the feeling of motherhood with all the love affection and joy.

Happy Parenting with Budding Star

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