If House-Husband is the new cool now a days Then How come being a House-wife is pathetic..?? A 2016 movie  Ki and Kaa  was quite different from Indian society’s point of view. Kareena Kapoor was a working and ambitious woman and Arjun Kapoor on the other hand has a desire to stay at home and wanted to  handle the home sweet home.

Well Scripted, movie proved  the point.
It could be anyone who can handle the house.

Debates started after this. And we came up with a new term House-Husband. You know, as in anonymous of House-Wife. Why should women stay at home? Why the house and children are only women’s responsibility. Men can do that too. And so on…

That was all Cool and okay.But Guys, Did We just learn the real concept ? Let me try to explain what We missed here 🙂

Samita and Anu were college friends. They met after 4 years. Samita is a House-Wife, and on the other hand Anu is working in a MNC. They talked for hours about everything whats going in life.

Anu concluded that Smita is not happy. Talking to her Mom She said,” Mom,imagine she is doing Nothing. She is just a house-wife. Without earning their own money , how could someone stay happy maa? I saw it in her eyes maa.”

From Samita’s side of story, she is very Happy. Having a perfect house and a perfect husband.Her husband works as a branch manager.She loves managing her home. Making her Husband’s favorite food gives her happiness. She feels relaxed when she eats warm, homemade food with her husband.

Well guys, What Anu and We are missing here is, the fact that, If It’s okay to be house-husband then how come it is abnormal to be a house-wife. Just because she is a women doesn’t mean that she is not happy being a house-wife, and she wants to work outside.May be this thing is giving her the happiness she wants.And this works Vice -versa without having the limitations of Gender. If a woman is housewife, it doesn’t mean that she is not empowered or not strong enough to raise her voice against her husband. May be she is enjoying being a House-Wife.

So, Stop judging people, based on their Gender or without knowing their true story. Live Your life and let others live…!!

#stopJudging #GenderEquality

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